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When it comes to personal care, that can encompass a LOT. What you decide to do, you need to keep track of. From making appointments to actually remembering when you did those appointments last. You need easy personal care.

easy personal care

So, what does that entail?

Personal Care Routines

Before I share how to make your personal care easier to manage, let’s take a look at some of the common personal care routines you may be doing.

DIY Self Care

  • Hair Care Treatments
  • Skin Care Treatments (Sheet Masks, Mud Masks, Facial, Scrubs, Peels etc)
  • Mani/Pedi’s
  • Under Eye Care

Professional Self Care

  • Medical/Optical/Dental Appointments
  • Spa Visits
  • Dermatology/Esthetician Visits

The list of personal care treatments and services can get exhaustive. It doesn’t matter if you opt to DIY or get them done professionally. The one way to make your personal care easy is to be organized with it. Yes, that’s right. Have it all written down.

The human brain can only remember 7 things at once

George A. Miller, Psychologist

Keeping Track of Your Personal Care

You can opt to keep track using a digital planner or a paper planner. You can also do both.

I prefer a paper planner for every area of my life because it helps me to be more “in touch” with my life. After a while, those digital reminders can become desensitizing.

Digital reminders definitely have some benefit though. When you are on the go and don’t want to carry a large paper planner, a digital version can help you keep track of any changes that may take place.

However, if you want to really focus on your personal care, writing things down will help you keep them front and center. Then, if you want to schedule or put reminders in your electronic device to actually look at your planner, you can do that as well.

Recommended Planner for Easy Personal Care

disc bound panner
TUL Disc bound

My favorite planner is the disc bound planner because it allows for you to take pages in and out of the planner, move things around etc.

Customizing Your Personal Care Planner

You can also customize disc bound planners by adding inserts.

I love planners from The Happy Planner and I customize mine with various inserts. Some I buy from others but I also create ones when I don’t find what I like.

This led to the opening of Mighty Fine Printables (jazzy right?)

The printable planner inserts created to help you with easy personal care are as follows:

Minimalist Beauty Planner

easy personal care

A simple, streamlined designed to help you keep track of:

– Day and Night Skin Care Routines
– Weekly Skin Treatments
– Rescue Skin Treatments
– Favorite Skin Care Products
– Skin Care Products Wishlist
– DIY Skin Care Recipes

– Day and Night Hair Care Routines
– Weekly Hair Care Routine
– Monthly Hair Treatments
Go To Hairstyles and Hair Tools
– DIY Hair Recipes
– Favorite Hair Products (by category)
– Beauty Treatments (the Last time you did….)
– Contacts your Professional Beauty contacts

Skin Care Planner

easy skin care

This includes printable planner pages to help you track your:

– Skin Care Routines
– Day Routine
– Night Routine
– Daily Routine (Day & Night)
– Weekly Skin Care
– DIY Face Mask Recipes

You’ll also receive: 

– a fun Healthy Skin Care Checklist

Skin Care Product Inventory pages to track your:
– Cleansers
– Moisturizers
– Face Masks
– Face Toners & Astringents
– Treatments
– Protection & Restoration items

– A Tips Sheet to Help You Get the Most out of this Self Care Planner

Printable Natural Hair Journal

easy personal hair care

This is a most complete natural hair journal. It includes forms for keeping track of your:

– Hair stats
– Hair goals
– Routines
– Favorite hair products
– Wash Day Tracker w/ Journaling section
– Weekly Wash Day Tracker
– DIY Recipe tracker
– 3 DIY Hair Recipes
– Inspirational pages to keep you encouraged on your hair care journey

BONUS: List of suppliers of natural herbs, oils and raw ingredients

Regardless of what aspect of your personal care you are looking to organize, tracking with paper and pen (or pencil or marker or crayon :-)) is the way to go.

Each of these printable planners can also be used in an app like Good Notes which allows you to write directly on the forms digitally.

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