7 Must Have Tools for Creating DIY Hair Recipes

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022 at 07:25 pm

Creating your own hair recipes will be challenging unless you have the necessary DIY beauty tools and accessories. Below is a handy dandy list of the must have tools for creating innumerable DIY recipes for your hair. You’re welcome!

Being able to create your own DIY hair recipes will help you to get closer to the way God intended for us to live…off of nature. It can be fun too!

While it’s not necessary to DIY your hair products, it is definitely beneficial. You know exactly what your products are formulated with. There’s no guessing or needing to trust the manufacturer that what they put in their hair products is actually in there or that they didn’t put any undesirable ingredients either.

The Must Have DIY Beauty Tools

While this post is about the tools needed for DIY hair recipes, you can use these for any type of DIY beauty recipe.

Pyrex Measuring Cup

Of course, you can use any measuring cup but I love Pyrex because of its strength and versatility. You can literally transfer mixtures from hot to cold and the cup will not break or absorb any colors or scents.

Food Processor

I use a Ninja Food Chopper and it’s great. It was provided for free as part of a package when I purchased the blender years back. However, you can purchase it solo and it’s very affordable. I’ve been using it for many years.

I no longer have the standard blender since upgrading to the NutriNinja but the food choppers works so well at blending up ingredients for hair recipes. This device is only used for my DIY hair recipes. Any food based recipes get whipped up in it.

Measuring Spoons

Many DIY hair recipes call for measurements in increments of teaspoons or tablespoons. You’ll need a set containing a variety of measuring amounts.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to get plastic spoons versus metal spoons. When DIYing hair products, you often use herbs which are very sensitive to metal.

A metal spoon can make your herbal hair recipes less effective.


When straining out herbs and other particles from a DIY mixture, you’ll need a cheesecloth. This includes hair teas and hair masks.

Check out this simple Indian Herbal Hair Care Guide

Mason Jars

I love mason jars for storing DIY hair recipes because they are super durable, can be prettied up to present your creations as gifts and are usually the cheapest jars on the market.

8 ounces is pretty standard for a mason jar but you can obviously use larger jars.

Cosmetic Spatulas

Just like when you make a cake and don’t want to leave any batter behind, you certainly don’t want to leave any of your wonderful hair creations behind!

Obtain spatulas in various sizes. They can be used to scoop out product in large or small amounts but also to help with mixing and stirring.

Spray Bottles

If you’re going to create a daily spray moisturizer, strengthening spritz or rinse, spray bottles are a necessity. For that reason, you should always keep these on hand should you decide to experiment beyond hair masks and whipped hair butter.

There’s nothing like whipping up your very own hair creations. The best part is that you know beyond all doubt what it is that’s inside of your hair products.

No need to decipher ingredient labels and your God given creativity levels are able to soar.

There you have it; the must have accessories and tools for creating all of your DIY hair recipes.

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