Make Wash Day Easier: Try this Hair Supplies Tip Today

Last updated on March 17th, 2019 at 01:18 pm

make wash day easier

Washing your hair can sometimes be a real chore (and who wants more work added to their plate). Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of your life that needs to be prioritized if you don’t want to walk around with stinky head.

Your wash day can go off a lot easier, hassle free in fact when you have all of your hair care products and supplies in place. Creating a mini hair care station in the places you do your hair helps cut down on the “chore” called wash day.

For me (and maybe you too), it’s the bathroom, my bedroom and sometimes even the kitchen. Setting up a small station of your frequently used hair products (your staples) OR a few packets of all those samples you have lying around in these areas will help make washing and styling your hair much easier and faster too.  Here’s some ideas:

for the bedroom

hair products in the bedroom

Keep a vanity tray (or something else functional) with your most used hair accessories and supplies. You can also keep them organized inside a vanity drawer as long as they are easily accessible. My stylers and night time regimen products take up residence in either this space or on the glass shelf of my dresser. This includes a rotation of some of my most used items:  DIY hair growth oil or JBCO, a moisturizer product, a satin scarf, some hair pins, a jar of gel and an edge tamer.

for the bathroom

hair products in the bathroom

Aside from the obvious, I store a couple of shower caps, plastic gloves and a beauty spoon (no product will go to waste) in an organizer on a tiny bathroom shelf. Plus, with the multitude of shower organizers available, you can store whatever cleansing and conditioning products you frequent right in the shower. It’s your staple shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and an oil (I like to keep a bottle of mint almond oil handy). It’s too bad I can’t fit a mini fridge in there or I’d store my aloe vera and green tea sprays there as well! For now, they will remain in the next space for washing my hair.

the kitchen

hair products under the sink

Sometimes you may not feel like hopping in and out of the shower to do your hair. So, the kitchen sink is where you may choose to get it done.

Storing another bottle of shampoo, conditioner, leave in, a small bottle of oil and a plastic cap in an organizer under the sink will help speed up the time you spend washing your hair. If you’re a product junky you won’t be strained to figure out what cleansers and conditioners to store either. You know your stash is more than sufficient.

Less frequently used items (rollers, hair dryers, flat irons, special occasion hair accessories, clips etc) can be stored in a closet out of sight along with any DIY hair recipe items.

The idea is to eliminate what might be in the way of causing you to delay wash day or cutting corners to get it done (i.e. Skipping the deep conditioner – please don’t). When folks have a lot on their plates, are short on time or just plain lazy (me), having the necessary hair products and tools within arms reach might be the motivation you need to get that hair taken care of!

What ways have you found make wash day a bit faster or easier?
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