The Best (and Most Overlooked) Remedy for Dry Scalp

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dry scalp remedy


That could be the absolute only thing I write in this entire post and it should be enough.

Now, if you’re not a huge fan of using Argan Oil in your hair (probably due to the hefty price tag), please don’t throw stones and allow me to finish 🙂

Why Argan Oil is Your Best Remedy for Dry Scalp

For starters, it’s all natural. There’s too many so called “remedies” on the market that are little more than chemicals born in a petri dish.

Argan Oil is a precious all natural oil and best when used in its organic state. It’s also one of the few non-comedogenic oils around, meaning it won’t clog your pores. Yay!

Typically used on the hair for it’s ultra shine inducing properties, Argan Oil is also quite beneficial for balancing your scalp’s natural oils. It helps to prevent hair loss along with being an all natural treatment for
Dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, dry scalp and even seborrhea which causes an over production of oil. Additional benefits of Argan Oil include:

  • Vitamin E richness – making it an excellent antioxidant
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties so it soothes itching
  • Very abundant in omega fatty acids which keep the scalp balanced, promoting circulation
  • Combats microbes and yeast which are often the cause of itchy scalp to begin with

Argan Oil is also very light weight and absorbs readily into your hair or scalp, making it an optimal oil for use in fine natural hair

March WashDayExperience Dry Scalp Remedies

Choosing the Right Brand of Argan Oil


100% organic cold pressed; that’s the only type of Argan Oil you want to purchase. Heating oils destroys its natural properties so always look for cold pressed oils. Good quality Argan Oil starts around $15 for an ounce.

PURA D'OR Organic Moroccan ...Shop on Amazon

How to Apply Argan Oil to Your Scalp

I suffered with itchy scalp for a long time, mainly due to having semi-hard water. While I do have a shower filter now, I still encounter itchy scalp from time to time (usually for a day after washing).

I apply Argan Oil directly to my finger tips and massage into my scalp. I’m currently loving Pura D’or Argan Oil.

This past wash day, I used my Argan Oil to treat my scalp only.

dry scalp remedy

I allowed the oil to sit on my scalp for an hour before proceeding to shampoo. After washing, I applied more Argan Oil to my scalp and then also throughout my hair. As I mentioned, it’s also great for adding shine to your tresses.

This post was inspired by the #WashDayExperience hosted by Saving our Strands and Just Grow Already!

The Wash Day Experience
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    1. thanks! you know…I didn’t even use Argan oil when I was relaxed. I was too busy using the cheap stuff like mineral oil LOL

      1. I am just starting to “get-into” really taking good care of my fine, dehydrated, 4c hair. I have been natural since 2007 but like most I accepted that length was out of my range. I no longer believe that. With that being said I need to strengthen my hair to do it. I read some where that Argan does that so I’m now using a deep conditioning mask by Pure Body Naturals. It minimized my itchy scalp. Overall it is a good product because it has some other natural oils in it and Argan is the third ingredient in it. Which speaks to the production cost, I guess. Thanks for the site. Helped me understand what was happening and how to correct it. God Bless you!

        1. Hi Elmira

          Sounds like a good product. I love Argan oil.

          Length is definitely NOT out of your range. Type 4 just requires a little more TLC 🙂 I have a mix of hair types and my type 4 hair is the most challenging to care for because it requires extra everything…..extra time to do, extra product, extra careful handling. But, it’s definitely worth it to take the time out to care for it.

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