6 Must Have Styling Tools for Fine Hair

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When it comes to maintaining thin hair, you want to make sure you have the best styling tools for fine hair at your disposal. What you’ll find below are the items I’ve been using and have found to be the absolutest best styling aids for fine hair. In my humble opinion, every fine hair and thin hair lady needs these.

By the way, if you’re reading this during the Christmas season, these styling tools make great natural hair gifts. The smaller tools can bundled into a nice gift set.

styling aids for thin hair

Some of the links to the products below are affiliate links. Therefore, if you choose to purchase using my links, I’ll earn a small commission. Thank you in advance for trusting my recommendations.

RevAir Reverse Air Hair Dryer

reverse air hair dryer solo
newest model

Starting with the work horse for fine hair, while this is going to be the most expensive of tools for fine hair, it’s also the best investment you’ll ever make for your hair. In fact, I highly recommend this for all hair types.

As of the writing of this post, I’ve been using RevAir for about two years. For the exception of the summer, hot months I blow my hair out twice monthly. I would never have been able to do this with a standard hair dryer and retain length in the past.

blow out hair using the ReVair

Benefits of RevAir

The benefits of using a RevAir on fine hair boil down to:

  • It uses far less heat than standard blow dryers and flat irons due to its reverse air technology. Therefore, it is the most gentle, non-damaging hair tool you can use on your fine hair.
  • It won’t change your natural curl pattern or damage already fragile curls.
  • RevAir works super fast at drying your hair in the most gentle way possible. So, that’s less stress for fine and thin hair.

Note: The model above is the older model. The new RevAir is lighter in weight, smaller in size, and quieter in function. I continue to use the old model because it works just fine but some day I’ll upgrade!

Watch my Step by Step RevAir Routine here

New Model RevAir

Check out the new reverse air dryer here.

Large seamless comb

best hair styling tools for thin hair

The next best styling tool for fine hair to have is a large seamless comb.

The reason you want to have this styling aid is when a comb has no seams, there’s no opportunity for your hair to get snagged in it or on it.

With fine hair and thin hair being so fragile, you only want to use the safest hair tools available. These are the tools that won’t shred your strands to pieces when detangling or styling your hair.

NOTE: Use this comb, as well as any detangling brushes on hair that has conditioner in it. This is the safest way to detangle fine fragile hair.

Thick seamless elastic bands

hair styling tools for fine hair
Banded Ponytails

At some time or another you’ll want to style your hair in buns or ponytails. In order to do that, you’ll need elastic bands that are seamless just like the seamless comb above.

I like to use seamless bands to do the banding method when I want to stretch out my curls some. The further apart you space them, the less stretch you get but these bands are great for stretching hair when doing a wash and go and you want to cut back on shrinkage.

You also want elastic bands that are not difficult to remove because they are so small. Thicker elastic bands are gentler on your strands. Just be sure to be careful when putting them in and taking them out.

Elastic Hook Hair Ties

twisted ponytail
during an extended hospital stay I used these hook elastics to pull my twists back so I wouldn’t have to think about my hair

Sometimes a girl just wants to pull her hair back quick fast and without having to pull it through elastic.

I love how these elastic hair cords are able to pull your hair back without causing stress on the hair. I find them best to pull back and secure twists or braids.

Puff Cuff Hair Clamps

best hair styling tools for fine hair

For voluminous puffs and a gentle way to simply pull your hair back out of your face, the Puff Cuff is one of the best styling aids for fine hair.

I’ve been using the Puff Cuff to style my hair for many years and this will always be staple accessory in my personal stash.

In each of the photos below I used a Puff Cuff – either a mini, the Original or a Junior. I have them all.

Benefits of having the Puff Cuff

As you can see, it pays to have various sizes of this styling aid. They make doing ponytails, buns, high puffs, styling the wash and go, fro hawks, securing twists and even stretching out hair effortless.

Hair Bump Volume Insert Styling Tool for Fine Hair

best hair styling tools for thin hair

If you wear your fine hair straight, you know how flat it falls. This volume insert is one of the best styling tools for thin hair because it will give thin hair volume at the root (the crown area). It’s also an easy in and out hair styling tool.

I used to have one of these but while my hair is fine, I have medium density and rarely ever wear it straight. Therefore, during one of my decluttering sessions, I just got rid of it. I couldn’t justify it renting space in my home when I hardly ever used it. However, if I wore my hair straight more often, this tool would be invaluable.

The Best Hair Tool We Have

Hair tools can be downright damaging for those of us with fine natural hair.

There are so many hair tools available on the market that are supposed to make caring for your hair a lot easier. Various types of combs & brushes, bob pins, hair steamers, conditioning caps, flat irons and more.

So, while the tools I shared above are some of the most gentle you can use on fine natural hair, you still need to exercise caution when using them.

The BEST tool you can use in your hair is your Fingers! Yes! For finger detangling and parting. Of course, you can’t use your fingers for everything. However, you should use them as much as you can in place of other hair tools.

Let’s Wrap It up

There you have it. Six of the best hair styling tools for fine hair that I highly recommend as a fine hair natural. If you are pretty low maintenance like me, these are the only style aids you need to style your hair effortlessly and safely.

Lastly, if you have curly hair or know somebody with curly hair, check it this Guide of Gifts for Curly Hair.

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