Fine Hair Resources

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Come on. Let’s face it. If you have fine hair, you are likely struggling with caring for it. You need help for your strands and the resources for fine hair below are free to download:

Hair Care Infographics:

Infographics are one of the resources for fine hair that provide an overall picture of how to do something.

In the free resources below (ever increasing), you’ll find:

  • Natural treatments and methods of giving your hair royal treatment
  • A simple process for moisturizing and sealing natural hair
  • A survival kit for those embracing their natural selves
  • Tips for successful low manipulation styling
  • The many causes of dry hair
  • The most simple and basic hair care routine you can follow for easy hair care
  • There’s also a list of items you can take with you on the go.

Help for Fine Hair – Infographics

hair spa day
hair product resources for fine hair
dry hair causes
basic hair care regimen

Now, these images may not appear to be the best. However, when you click on them, you’ll be taken to a PDF file that you can download, print or view.

Hair Checklists & Reference Sheet Resources

Implementing what you learn (or are reminded of something you know to do) is the best help you can get for your fine hair.

Some of the checklists will remind you of the importance of finger detangling (best for fine natural hair). There’s also tips to remind you about things you may already know but aren’t doing.

Lastly, there’s some info on protective styling (at least 80% of the time).

You’ll also fine some simple DIY hair recipes you can make. This is great if you are looking to move away from mainstream hair products that are heavy laden with chemicals.

Detangling101 Checklist
free protective styling resource for fine hair
resources for fine hair

How to Hair Guides

This is a going to be a constantly building resource to help you with your fine hair but for now here’s what’s available:

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Henna on Natural Hair

Guide to Growing Fine Natural Hair Long

Fine Natural Hair Care Guide

Simple Indian Herbal Hair Care Guide

Guide to Good Hair Habits

Action Plan for Those Transitioning to Natural Hair

Guide to Moisturizing and Sealing Fine Natural Hair

Coconut Oil: The Best Natural Resource

Styling Hacks for Fine Hair

Lastly, many people looking for help to caring for their fine natural hair are really looking for help with styling.

The link to the hairstyling hacks guide below offers you three different methods of styling your hair with the intention of preserving as much length as possible through low manipulation.

It’s one of the free resources for fine hair you can get for subscribing to the blog. Not to worry though. no spam here. When I write a new article, you’ll only receive a notification of that update from the blog as well as the occasional special offer (which I wouldn’t offer if I knew it wouldn’t benefit you!)

hairstyling hacks for fine hair

Note: This blog is written by a Christian so what is shared here is always with what God can do, has done and will do in mind. Be blessed!