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A healthy head of hair is truly a gift from God. It’s every woman’s crown. That’s why I assembled these tips for healthy hair.

Every lady may not want long hair but every lady wants healthy hair. I like to call them “Good Hair Habits.”

In case you missed the series on good hair habits, you’ll find a link to each one below as well as a link to an e-book that compiles them all.

10 Tips for Healthy Hair: All Good Hair Habits

Find and Use Your Staples: Good Hair Habit #1

Firstly, you need to identify the hair products that work best for your hair. That’s what this tip is about. It may seem like common sense but it’s no secret that many ladies (and even gents) are product junkies.

It’s next to impossible to discover what your hair thrives on when using too wide an array of products.

Schedule a Set Wash Day: Good Hair Habit #2

Secondly, you’ll want to pick a day that you care for your crown. For instance, a Saturday.

Depending on your hair goals, you may have two set days to wash your hair. For example, I sometimes like to do a mid-week wash on Wednesdays during the summer months.

On days I do a mid-week wash, I don’t deep condition (the next hair habit). The mid week wash isn’t about getting my hair clean. It’s more about infusing my strands with a lot of moisture. Simultaneously, any product residue is removed.

Hair can get very dry in the summer months. That’s not what this tips is about but figured this was an interesting tidbit to share.

Dig Deep Every Week: Good Hair Habit #3

It’s not what it sounds like. Deep conditioning is the focus of this habit. In addition, you will discover why it’s important to do this every single wash day.

Deep conditioning your hair is key to a head of healthy hair.

Moisturize and Seal Daily: Good Hair Habit #4

The title is self explanatory. This habit is essential to hair that doesn’t break. Most importantly, it takes discipline.

There’s a bit of controversy on this one but I’ve discovered that hair can thrive off of a bit of moisture every single day. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to drench your tresses.

In other words, a spritz here and a spritz there.

Make a Date with Protein: Good Hair Habit #5

Ever at the forefront of controversy, using protein in your hair is a habit you don’t want to skip.

For those with fine natural hair, protein is a substance that needs to stick closer than a brother. Similarly, you want it to stick like white on rice.

Protective Style 80% of the Time: Good Hair Habit #6

This may not be something you want to do if you aren’t interested in long hair. But, if you ever are, the tips are here for you.

Protective styling is also a good practice for when you simply just don’t feel like dealing with your hair.

Don’t Give Damage a Free Pass: Good Hair Habit #7

Damaged hair is the opposite of healthy hair. Similarly, a face full of acne is the opposite of healthy skin.

I think this is one of those tips for healthy hair that is self explanatory. Yet, if you’re not sure, click the link to find out 🙂

Massage Your ScalpGood Hair Habit #8

Massaging your scalp is key to stimulating the blood flow in it. As a result, you can expect an increase in the rate of hair growth, assuming you’re diligent with the other hair habits.

Plus, massaging your scalp feels darn good! It’s one of the best stress relievers around and it’s absolutely free.

Review Your Regimen Twice a YearGood Hair Habit #9

Reviewing your hair care regimen is not an every day hair habit but it’s just as important. Therefore, make it a priority by putting it on your calendar if its not easy to remember twice a year.

This is especially important for those like myself who live in a state with four seasons.

Care for Your Hair from Within: Good Hair Habit #10

Diet, diet, diet! What you put in is what you get out. For example, drink lots of water to hydrate your hair from within.

For some of us, it’s a very difficult thing to do right all of the time. I’m always looking to God for help in this department.

In conclusion, each of these tips for healthy hair will provide you with simple actions that you can develop into habits. As a result, you’ll be that much closer to achieving the beautiful “crown” you so desire.

E-Book of Healthy Hair Tips

This 10 Good Hair Habits Guide is a resource that includes written lessons intended to break down specific habits that lead to hair growth and length retention. With that in mind, this guide is not for everyone because not everyone is looking to achieve the same goals with their hair.

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