How to Create a Weekly Natural Hair Care Routine

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Weekly Natural Hair Routine

You wash your hair, style it and that’s it. No more to do. Said no…one… ever. It would be nice though right?

Now if you are of the thought, “It’s just hair” and it’s not all that important to you (because why should your hair matter. It’s just a God given part of your body) then read no further.

weekly natural hair care routine
Shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair

If you’re going to have a healthy head of hair for the long haul (like until you die is the plan), you’re going to have to put some effort into maintaining your tresses.

If your hair is a valued part of your body (as it should be), then this post is for you. It’s one of many hair routines for natural hair that you can try.

The solution: Dedicate a bit of time each day to nourish and give your strands the TLC it needs. Having a natural hair care routine you consistently follow is the answer to having the gorgeous head of hair you desire.

Starting your Weekly Natural Hair Routine with Daily Care

Part of every weekly natural hair routine is a daily natural hair routine. There’s two things you should do every day of the week to keep your hair in good condition:

  • Add a bit of moisture either by way of a spray or a cream
  • Protect your hair before going to bed

Saturday: Wash Day

You’ll spend the majority of your time doing your hair on this day but it’s worth it as you’ll be restoring your hair’s deep moisture levels.

  • Clean your hair and scalp
  • Deep Condition or Do a Hot Oil Treatment and Protein treat if needed
  • Trim out any split ends or single strand knots (SSK’s) using the Search and Destroy Method (Naturally Curly explains it really well in laymen’s terms).
  • Style in a low manipulation or protective style that will last you from a few days to a week

Sunday: Scalp Massage w/ a Stimulating Oil

stimulating oil for weekly natural hair routine

Massaging the scalp is under rated. I believe it’s because you don’t see instantaneous results.

The thing is….consistency.

So on Sunday nights, give it a go at massaging your scalp with a natural hair oil or oil blend that contains ingredients like peppermint, rosemary or eucalyptus. These essential oils help to stimulate blood flow in the scalp.

Better blood flow and the probability of your rate of healthy hair growth increasing is pretty high.

Monday: Refresh your curls if needed or applicable

2020 staple hair product

This is totally optional because if your hair is in a protective style, there’s nothing to refresh.

Yet, if you are rocking a twist out, braid out, roller set or wash and go for a few days, this is where you’ll want to take some steps to refresh your curls so that they aren’t limp, flat, frizzy or dry.

Some ways to refresh your curls include but are not limited to:

  • Adding more product and manually manipulating your curls into place
  • Re-twisting or re-braiding all or parts of your hair
  • Re-curling sections of hair with rollers

Tuesday: Scalp massage (no oil)

scalp massage brush

Yes, another day of massaging. It’s good for your scalp and overall well being. Just use the pads of your fingers to massage away. There’s no need to add an oil again because you don’t want greasy hair and you likely have some residue left over from 2 days ago.

Wednesday: Co-wash

eden bodyworks cleansing cowash

Co-washing your hair in the middle of the week creates what I like to call a mid week restoration of deep moisture and while totally optional, it’s recommended.

If your hair is in twists or braids, this will be very easy to do. You can even use this time to do a quick steaming of your hair to open the cuticles.

No need to deep condition on this day. You’ll be doing so in just a few days when you start this natural hair care routine over from day one.

Thursday: Scalp Massage w/ a Stimulating Oil

Yep, twice a week you are going to use a little oil to massage your scalp. Again, no need to use oil every day or you’ll risk your strands becoming too oily and weighed down.

Friday: Pre-poo

pre-poo products for fine natural hair

This is the practice to take to get your hair prepared for Saturday’s Wash Day.

The day you start your weekly natural hair routine is up to you

You don’t have to follow this exact schedule. For example, you may choose Thursdays to kick off wash day in this weekly hair care routine. Just find a time-frame that works for you and be consistent.

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  1. Thank you for some excellent tips on caring for my natural hair. I’m in my sixties and feel my natural hair is a statement about the freedom I’ve embraced from chemically treating my tresses.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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