Benefits of Doing a Mid-Week Hair Rinse

While it’s not recommended that you wash your hair too often, it is a good hair care practice to do mid week hair rinses. Especially during the warmer months. In fact, exclusively during the warmer months.

You don’t want to over manipulate your natural hair on a regular basis but you can rinse it without doing too much of that.

I was first introduced to mid-week hair rinses by Mahogany Curls on YouTube.

Why The Summer Months for a Mid Week Hair Rinse

When I initially started this hair practice, the weather was entirely too cold out to maintain it. That’s because I was rinsing beneficial oils and even moisturizing hair product right down the drain.

Fast forward from the cold winter weather to the warm temperatures of summer and you’ll find that a mid week hair rinse has a number of benefits for your hair. These benefits include:

  • An increase in moisture levels
  • More manageability
  • Smoother hair cuticles which cuts down frizz
  • Removal of excess dirt and oils

In the summer months, you tend to sweat a lot more. This increases the amount of dirt and oils in your hair. Those dirt and oils attract more dirt. However, if you do a mid week rinse between wash days, you’ll find that your hair stays cleaner longer.

Your hair also stays more moisturized as the dew point in the air is higher. This is especially true for those who live in humid climates like myself. Well, New York can be very humid in the summer. Hence, the reason I only prefer these rinses during that season.

How to Do a Mid Week Hair Rinse

There are different types of hair rinses. Some are products formulated with certain ingredients to balance your hair and scalp’s pH.

This is not the type of hair rinse I’m talking about.

The mid week hair rinse I’m referring to is simple. Rinse your hair under the warm shower stream like you are about to wash it. Only, don’t.

All you are doing is rinsing the excess dirt off your hair. You can then apply a light moisturizing cream to your hair afterwards.

The Steps:

  1. If your hair is loose, place it in two banded ponytails (like what you see in the image above). Banding your hair from root to tips helps keep your hair stretched so it doesn’t revert. You can also band twists or braids.
  2. Run your head under warm water and just rinse away the dirt and oils.
  3. Smoosh on some moisturizer and be out.

You can liken this type of hair rinse to a hair refresher. The goal is simply to reap the benefits I mentioned earlier in this post: More moisturized and manageable hair that’s been freed of excess dirt and oil.

Sound simple? That’s because it is! And, it’s very effective.

Try the mid week hair rinse during the hot months and see how it works for you.

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