Most Voluminous Wash and Go Ever!

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 07:07 am

Fine hair sistas stand up! It’s time to get a wash and go with volume and below I show you how I did it

fine natural hair wash and go

Why It’s So Hard to Get a Wash and Go With Volume

Our hair tends to lack volume with most styles. You are the exception if you have fine hair but have like 10 of them coming out of one hair follicle. (Sit down lol). This means you have more density.

If you have fine hair that defies volume and looks like ramen noodles, this one’s for you!

The reason those of us with fine low to medium density have difficulty getting volume is because we’re missing something. It’s called, the medulla, the inner layer of the hair shaft. Those with heftier strands have it but we don’t. Booo!

This means our strands are a lot less hefty than those with thicker strands (not to be confused with thick hair)

Why Do The Wash and Go for Volume?

Of all the hairstyles available on the planet, your best bet at one that will give you some volume is the wash and go. That’s partly due to some of the shrinkage you will incur. The other part is solely based on the products you use to “set” that wash and go up for success.

But before I continue…

I know I know. Some people are reading this rolling their eyes thinking, “Wash and go’s cause me nothing but a mass of knots and tangles” OR “Wash and go’s don’t work for my 4C hair.”

Those are valid points and I don’t seek to negate them. If you’re not interested in styling your hair in a wash and go from time to time, the world won’t end. Keep doing you.

This is for the ladies who are looking to do a wash and go with volume. Read on.

Wash and Go Products Used for Volume

For this wash and go, I used two products. These are the products that gave my wash and go more volume than I would have ever imagined: Mane Choice 3 in 1 Conditioner (now called The Alpha Soft as Can Be Revitalize and Refresh 3 in 1 Cowash, Leave in, Detangler) + Mane Choice Crystal Orchid Gel (now called the The Alpha Crystal Orchid Biotin Infused Styling Gel)

voluminous wash and go product duo

Wash and Go Technique

For starters, I washed my hair (duh) with the Mane Choice Detangling Hydration Shampoo. This shampoo gets the hair oh so clean. One wash is all it takes to get your hair clean and you do want it CLEAN as a basis for a quality wash and go.

After deep conditioning with The Mane Choice (you guessed it) Restorative Hair Mask Treatment. I then rinsed my hair with tepid water while doing a little finger detangling. I then split my hair in four and clipped each section up out of the way.

Mane Choice wash day products

Now, let’s back up a little.

My normal process of rinsing out my deep conditioner would be to rinse it out with diluted Herbal Essences Hello Hydration but because I was using the Mane Choice Crystal Gel for the first time to style a wash and go, I decided against adding another brand into the mix. Plus, HH contains silicones and I wanted to do this thing silicone free….at least so I could see what my results would be by only using products within the Mane Choice line.

Moving right along, to set my curls and working in sections, I first sealed in all that water with a bit of Argan oil. Then, applied a layer of the 3 in 1 conditioner (using it as a leave in) and used my fingers to detangle followed by a wide tooth comb. When doing a wash and go, you want ALL tangles gone.

After applying the 3 in 1, I then applied a generous helping (think a quarter sized amount per section) to the section and used the smoothing technique. The curls began to define and clump quickly.

fine natural hair

When I finished applying all the products throughout my hair, I air dried for about 3 hours but because it was late in the day when I started, my hair wasn’t quite dry once it was time for night night. So, I pineappled all those curls using a satin scarf and to sleep I went.

When I woke up, my hair was still dry but mostly in the back.  I had to manipulate my curls into place yet, the volume was definitely visible. The products used along with putting my hair in a pineapple contributed to this super cute wash and go. This is why I had the more volume than I have ever achieved as a fine haired natural!

Why the Frizz?

So, I know you may be thinking, “Yeah your wash and go is has volume and it’s cute but it sure is frizzy.” I agree. Yup, frizzy as heck but that’s partly my fault. I couldn’t keep my hands out of my hair! It was super soft. Then, there was the fact that it didn’t really dry.


The title of this post is not “The Most Frizz Free Wash and Go Ever.” It’s “The Most Voluminous Wash and Go Ever.” 🙂
So there!

A Prayer for Our Hair

Thank you Lord for those moments when our hair wows us. You know that those of with fine strands are not often wowed. So, thank you for the times that we are. Amen

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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback!! I’m going to try it with the products you used. Thanks again!!

  2. Nsae_nsae says:

    Hahahah you cracked me up laughing! Hhhh!!!!
    I felt like you were in a good mood when u wrote this article.
    Just Cue music Beyoncé flawless.
    Pineapple flawless.
    This Frizz flawless.
    My Frizz flawless.
    Eeeeeeey I woke up like disss!!!!
    Beautiful wash n go!

  3. Yvette Stewart says:

    My hair is SO fine and thin that I am not comfortable wearing my real hair. Reading your blog and watching your videos are making me CLOSE to putting down my wigs. (Which ironically are making my hair thinner I think).

    1. oh no. I’ve heard that the wigs can make the hair thinner from friction. Instead of wigs, if you are uncomfortable with how thin your hair is, how about clip ins? You can make the hair look fuller without suffocating your head

  4. Your hair looks beautiful but did it flake? I’ve seen so many review about this gel and a lot of people complain that it flakes and dries out their hair by the second day. Would love your feedback regarding that. Thanks!

    1. Hi Joy, I actually had no flaking at all. I think people used this gel with leave ins from other lines. I only used the 3 in 1 conditioner from Mane Choice. I can’t say how it will perform with other lines but I will say this…I went an entire week and my hair did not flake. As far as dryness, I don’t let it get to that point because in the morning, I refresh with the Mane Choice Daily Restorative Spray and Cream Moisturizers. This likely preventing any drying out from occurring.

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