12 Hair Care Items to Dump Before Each New Year

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 10:47 pm

Nobody wants to throw away things that they’ve spent their hard earned money on. Yet, in order to make room for things in your life that add true value, it’s necessary. So, below you’ll find a list of hair products to throw away pronto. This ranges from actual hair products to hair accessories and hair tools.

hair products to throw away

1. Brushes with tattered bristles

one of the hair products to throw away

Using brushes on fine hair is risky in and of itself. When the bristles are worn, they become even more dangerous to use. It doesn’t matter what the hair type. Hair brushes with “toe” up bristles will rip at your ends (and beginnings) and cause breakage that’s avoidable. Get rid of them.

2. Almost empty bottles of hair products

Nobody wants to waste hair products. I get it. Yet, what’s floating at the bottom of a bottle usually goes unused. It just takes up space. There’s exceptions to everything though. If this is a favorite product of yours that you buy again again, just move what’s left of it into a new bottle. Imagine the space you’ll save if you did this with every bottle of almost empty hair products?

3. Products your hair doesn’t love

You’ve heard the saying, “Life is too short for boring hair. Well, the same rings true for using hair products your hair doesn’t love just because you spent money in it. Get rid of those losers and make room for winners.

4. Outdated hair accessories

hair stick hairstyle fine hair
Hair stick protective style

I would be rich if I had a nickel for the many times someone has said, “Everything comes back in style.” Just because something will (more like might) come back in style doesn’t mean it should take up valuable real estate in your home. Even if said hair accessories do come back, there’s a high probability you won’t want to wear it anymore. If you do, hair accessories are cheap enough that you can purchase them again. They will also be more current than your stale, old version of it.

5. Worn out hair scarves

Raggedy. That’s what they are. If your head scarf has seen better days, do it a favor and let it go. Clothing (that includes scarves) aren’t meant to last forever. Plus, the material that its made of is no longer of good quality so do yourself a favor and just get a new one to fag out.

6. Misshapen hair bonnets

hair bonnet

Just like worn out hair scarves, hair bonnets need to go for a similar reason. In addition to the material no longer being as protective as it once was, a stretched out bonnet won’t stay on your head. If you have to tie a knot in your bonnet to get it to stay on your head at night, it’s time for a new one. Please toss this useless greased up mess.

7- Hair tools you no longer use

If you haven’t used that flat iron for three years, you probably never will. Clutter happens when we hold on to things “just in case.” You may also have revised your hair goals and those hair tools no longer fit in with the plan.

I did this earlier in the year. SSK plates was a novel hair tool for stretching your natural hair when it first came out. It’s since been dethroned with more comfortable, easier to use hair tools and accessories. Banding seems to be the preferred non-heat stretching method. It’s way more affordable and just as effective if not more so. Then, for those of us who don’t mind using a little heat, the RevAir is king.

8. Crusty Bobby pins with the protective ends missing

bobby pin

The heading of this hair tool alone should be enough to convince you that this is one of those hair products to throw away!

Bobby pins are a dime a dozen…almost literally. You can get 742 bobby pins (yes you need that many as a natural LOL) for less than $7. There’s no need to hold on to bobby pins that will rip your hair literally, going in and coming out.

9. Stretched out hair ties and elastic bands

When hair ties and elastic bands lose their “stretch,” you have to work that much harder to use them. Sometimes you may be able to get away with it but why not use quality hair tools? Your hairstyles will look and feel better. Hair ties and bands don’t cost much. Just like stretched out bonnets and scarves, they aren’t meant to last forever.

10. Expired hair products

This one should be a given. When hair products are expired, there’s one of two concerns to keep in mind:

  • They could have bacteria in them
  • The products are no longer effective at what they were designed to do

So throw those expired hair products away and buy you some fresh ones.

11. Old tangled braiding and weave hair

Old hair isn’t cute. Nor is it functional. Those hairs you are saving for a rainy day? Well it’s pouring out. Even if you manage to detangle that old braiding or weave hair, once your style is installed, the hair can cause your real hair to dry out. Plus, your hairstyle won’t look as fresh as if you used newly “purchased” hair.

12. Hair tools with frayed cords

Hair dryers, flat irons, heating caps, curling irons, and the like. These are all very dangerous to continue using if the cords are frayed. Even if they continue to work, you never know when a short circuit can occur and cause a spark or fire. It’s best to dispose of these ASAP. Depending on where you live, there’s regulations for disposing of electrical items. So, be sure to check out your county’s rules before discarding.

Start the new year off with freshness and quality. These 12 hair products to throw away are just a start.

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