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Last updated on March 23rd, 2022 at 06:11 pm

Every summer I share a go to summer style. Usually it’s based on a stretched wash and go because it’s easier for me to have a little less shrinkage when rockin’ wash and gos on my fine natural hair.

stretched summer hair style

However, I know that not everyone likes to do wash and go’s because of the shrinkage that comes with it.

When possible, each summer I to try and cut down on the shrinkage. I can usually accomplish this by wearing more stretched styles.

Will you still get shrinkage?

Absolutely. The humidity will see to that!

But… the shrinkage will be much less prominent given that you’ll be drastically stretching your hair (without heat of course).

One thing to point out though is this could totally work for various hair lengths. You can use Bobby pins and styling clips to position and enhance your style

Here are The Go to Summer Hairstyles:

Summer Style #1 – Six Two Strand Twists Bun

summer twists style

This style is inspired by Kimmatytube on Youtube. She shares a #10TwistBun that’s created on stretched hair.

This is a great style but with the way fine hair is set up, I think twists look better in the bun when they are fuller. Hence, a reduction in the number of twists to…..6.

My six twist bun “alteration” will allow your hair to not only rest between “out” styles. It will assist with the stretching process which will help make styles #2 and #3 below more effortless.

go to summer hairstyle

Style #2 – Half Up/Half Down “Twist Out”

half up do twist out

Since this version of a half up/ half down do will be done on hair that’s been in twists (or a stretched wash and go) for a few days, you will get a lot of great stretch AND a lot of great definition.

A bonus is your hair will be out of your face, keeping you cooler during the summer months.

half up half down

Summer Style #3- Twist Out Ponytail

twist out ponytail

Unlike normal ponytails, this one is secured with a loose elastic band that is pinned on each side to stretch out the band, thereby making the hair look fuller.

This summer hairstyle also helps the hair to look a bit longer as it is also done on a twist out that’s becoming a little old.

In the following photo I did it after only 2 days so I still had a lot of curl. Wait til day 4 or 5 and those curls will be stretching right out. Especially, if you tie it down and band your hair at night.

Banding is another method for stretching out your natural curls. Here’s a helpful and quick 3-step guide to how to band your natural hair by To The Curl Market: Guide to the Banding Method

twist out ponytail

These are all styles that allow your hair to be stretched by way of twists. This is not to say that you can’t do these styles with the wash and go.

The wash and go is very easy to do but it does lend it self to a lot of shrinkage which is increased due to the heat and humidity.

go to summer curly styles

Do you have any go to hairstyles that you will be rocking this summer?

A Prayer for Our Hair:

Dear God, I come to you on behalf of fine hair naturals everywhere. Please let this summer be a season of thriving for our hair. In Jesus Name. Amen

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  1. Thanks so much Michelle!

  2. Beautiful hairstyles! Great ideas that I plan to try. Thx for sharing.

  3. Love these styles especially the ponytail. I wish you would do a tutorial on that 🙂 Trying to understand how you pin it down.

    1. I agree, she should do tutorials for that hairstyle and the others as well:-)

      1. consider it done. I have a few videos in the pike for this week and next. I’ll do these the following week

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