My Go To Moisture Routine

Moisture is critical to every head of hair. Without it, your hair will dry out and break off. Since hair is a fine fiber gifted to us by the Creator, it’s important we give it what it needs. There’s many methods for achieving moisturized hair and I’ll highlight them below but the purpose of this article is to share my go to moisture routine.

Moisturizing Methods

As I mentioned above, there are a number methods one can choose to moisturize their hair. Yet, it’s important to note that moisture and hydration are not exactly the same.

Check out this article from Moisture Love: Hair Moisture or Hydration: Is There a Difference?

Hydration occurs on wash day when you use deep conditioning treatments to really get moisture into the structure of your hair.

So, the methods below are ways to moisturize your hair, not hydrate it. The process of moisturizing also includes sealing in that moisture in a number of ways:

  • LO Method
  • LC Method
  • LOC Method
  • LCO Method
  • LCOC Method
  • LGO Method
  • LOG Method

L= Liquid, O= Oil, C= Cream, G= Gel

This is not an exhaustive list of moisture routines or methods. These are just the most popular. Some even use conditioner for the cream. Others use a cream styler. It’s all a matter of preference.

Then, there’s the types of products you can use when following any of these moisture methods. These include:

You can also use (or DIY) products containing humectants:

  • Glycerin
  • Honey
  • Agave
  • etc

My Personal Go-To Moisture Routine

moisturizer spray

Over the years, I’ve tried various methods for moisturizing my hair. I find that two of these moisture routines work best for my fine natural hair:

Warmer months (Summer/Fall)

Cooler months (Spring/Winter)

I live in NY where we have 4 seasons which is why I find the need to switch up how I moisturize my hair. It definitely responds differently with the change in climate.

When it’s warm outside I go for the LOG method when doing wash ‘n go’s and the LCO method when doing other hairstyles.

When it’s cold outside, I use the LCOC method. The first “C” is my leave in conditioner. The last “C” is a butter based styling cream OR an actual hair butter (usually whipped).

Moisture Routine Products

When it comes to the products I use in my moisture routine, I typically stick with the same products for the exception of the cream. I like to alternate using one of the stylers in my stash with aloe vera butter.

This is the brand I use:

SAAQIN Aloe Vera Butter –...Shop on Amazon

For my “L” which is the liquid, throughout the week I use a DIY hair tea that’s formulated with water and:

  • hibiscus flowers
  • nettle leaf powder
  • moringa powder
  • biotin
  • peppermint essential oil
  • rosemary essential oil
  • S-Secrets Growth Oil (click that link for a full review of this herbal hair oil)

For my “O” I use S-Secrets Growth Oil or almond oil on the length of my hair and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my ends.

MAJESTIC PURE Jamaican Blac...Shop on Amazon

For my “C’ (conditioner), I use one of my 3 leave ins. I rotate these three:

  • Kinky Curly Knot Today
  • Melanin Hair Care
  • Curls Dynasty Kalahari Smoothie Leave In

In the summer when I’m using a gel for my wash and go, I use either one of my EcoStyler gels or Camille Rose Naturals CurlMaker.

My moisture routine is very simple and it works with consistency. Next week I’ll be sharing another of my natural hair routines. Stay tuned.

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