17 Of My Best Fine Hair Care Tips

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At the ripe young age of over 50 now, I’ve finally discovered what my fine natural hair likes and doesn’t like. There’s a summary in the image above (go ahead, pin it) but now, allow me to expound upon each of these fine hair tips in detail (by category):

fine hair care

Styling Tool Tips

  • Ditch brushes forever. Seriously, If you want to keep your fine strands from disintegrating, get rid of the hair brushes (UPDATE: The exception is the EZ Detangler Brush or detangling brushes like the Felicia Leatherwood brush. When used carefully with the 90/10 Detangling Method, there will be no issues). If you follow none of the other fine hair tips, follow this one.
  • Go Ouchless. Goody pins, barrettes and bands are the #1 brand of accessories created with the gentleness of fine hair in mind. With basic styling in mind, these accessories play well (no snags or tares) with fine hair.

Hairstyling Tips

  • Never install mini twists or mini breads. Not ever. The take down will be even worst than the install. Snap, crackle, pop. I cringe just thinking about it because it’s so preventable. So, please don’t do it.
  • Low manipulation styling is even greater than protective styling. A braid out or twist out that you rock (without re-twisting or re-braiding every night) is much kinder to your strands than the time you will spend installing, let’s say extensions or a weave. See #2 Your fine strands will greatly appreciate you keeping the styling to a minimum.
  • Leave heat styling for the heavy weights. Fine hair is most vulnerable to breakage when exposed to heat. The cuticle can literally melt – especially with direct contact to heat. Gentle blow dryers like the RevAir reverse air dryer are A-OK!
  • Clump those curls like it’s the end of your curl world! Fine curls protect each other when they are clumped together. Ex: Twist outs done with medium size Twists that you Do Not separate. Forget instant big hair (another one for the heavy weights.) The more separated your hairs are, the more vulnerable they are. Let it naturally blow up. Give it a few days. It will happen naturally without all the manipulation.
  • No long term protective styling. Fine hair doesn’t like to be “bound” up for too long. 1-2 weeks tops. If you are bunning to protective style, change up the placement every couple days.

Wash Day Tips

washing in zones
  • Pre-poo your hair every-single-time before washing (preferably with coconut oil) The very act protects your hair from protein and moisture loss – both needed for healthy strands.
  • Protein is your friend. So, forget the BS about “protein sensitivity.” Find the right protein for your hair. Then, make it your best friend (Read this post here)
  • Deep condition sans protein after every protein treatment. There’s a delicate balance between moisture and protein that must be maintained.

Every Day Fine Hair Tips

herbal hair oil
  • Keep your nape twisted or better yet braided. On fine hair, it’s the most delicate area and prone to breakage.
  • Oil your strands nightly (or every other night) with an herbal hair oil. The nutrients feed strength to fine strands. Yet, the art of lubricating your fine little lovelies keeps them moving freely so that tangling and knotting are reduced.

Handling Tips

  • Finger detangle in sections. 6-10 sections is the sweet spot. However, it depends on the density of your fine hair.
  • Baby your ends. Give them the royal treatment. You know; the attention you’d give a newborn. You know how you do a baby. You shop for them and buy them the very best. Then, you spend all your time feeding, nourishing and loving on them. Do the same with your ends. Like, I breast feed mine doses of JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) or Aloe Vera Butter on a regular – like every other night.
  • Don’t scratch your scalp with your nails. Rub the itch away. Scratching can cause splits at the top of the hair shaft, not to mention an irritated scalp.

General Fine Hair Tips

  • Search ‘n Destroy by feel. You will feel a split before you see it. Clip individual split hairs just above the split. This is maintenance trimming. Especially, if you get incomplete split ends – not meant to replace professional trims 1-2x a year (assuming you want to retain length).
  • Don’t mistake fine hair for thin hair. This one is more of an fyi than a tip. Just so you know…One strand in isolation may be thin but when you have tons of hairs bursting out of follicles all over your head (I get excited at the prospect), you now have a thick head of hair! #8 applies, regardless.

There you have it. My personal top 17 fine hair tips. Why 17? Simple. That’s just where I stopped counting when I ran out of tips! 🙂

fine natural hair tips

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