A Curated Wash Day with Ominira Naturals

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I’ve been using Ominira Naturals natural hair products for nearly three months now. What I’m about to say is a bold claim but it’s true. I’m ready to do away with all my other natural hair products, excluding my herbal pre-poo, henna (done quarterly) and stylers.

Ominira hair growth shampoo

If you are looking for a complete natural hair product line that’s got you covered from before the wash to after the wash, look no further.

Ominira Naturals, while new on the scene has everything you need. Let me take you through what a full wash day looks like with this line from the time I hop in the shower.

Cleansing With Ominira’s Herbal Infusion Hair Growth Shampoo

ominira naturals shampoo

I absolutely love this shampoo. It’s thick and rich and honestly the best shampoo I’ve ever used in my fine natural hair.

How to Use:

You only need a small amount of the shampoo to create a lather. It cleanses thoroughly without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

All you need to do is thoroughly saturate your hair with warm water and then use the shampoo to cleanse your scalp. There’s need to apply it to your hair. The shampoo will run down your strands and gently cleanse it.

Work section by section to prevent your hair from tangling. More hair? More sections; Less hair? Less sections. I usually do 4 sections (2 on each side). Check out these hair washing hacks.

Ominira Naturals growth shampoo

Ominira Shampoo Ingredients

The ingredients are stellar for stimulating hair growth. Lots of herbs:

Amla – reduces hair loss, stimulates hair growth, prevents scalp infections, reduces premature graying

Aritha – a natural cleansing agent that fights fungi, adds shine to the hair, and controls dandruff

Fenugreek – promotes healthy hair growth and strengthens the hair shaft

Neem – eases itching and inflammation in the scalp; stimulates hair growth

Shikakai – prevents premature graying, adds shine, makes hair more manageable for detangling, stimulates hair growth

Plus, Peppermint Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil (known for stimulating hair growth)

Each of these ingredients is proven to stimulate hair growth. Yet, what Janet (founder of Ominira) makes clear is it’s not just the products that help your hair to growth. The techniques (knowing your porosity) in which you use the product is even more important.

Can I get an Amen somebody?

Detangling With the Tangle Slayer

The Tangle Slayer is your work horse for detangling on wash day. Never have I used a detangling product with as much slip and efficiency, yet doesn’t contain silicones.

Silicones are usually what help commercial conditioners and detangles to be super slippery. Ominira Naturals products do not contain silicones.

How to Use:

After shampooing your scalp in sections, it’s time to detangle your hair (also in sections).

What I love about this product is first off, how efficient it is at melting tangles out of my hair. Also, like the shampoo, you don’t need to use a lot. Just apply a sufficient amount to the section you’re working on and use your fingers to finger detangle.

Finger detangling is the best way to prevent breakage when removing tangles from your hair. This is where you start but to complete the process, you need to use a gentle detangling tool.

Here are the two detangling tools I recommend:

Ominira’s Tangle Slayer Ingredients

Before I share what’s in this detangling powerhouse, let’s look at what’s not in it:

No Silicones, No Sulphates, No Parabens, No Mineral Oil, No Synthetic or Artificial Colors, No Animal Products

In fact, all of the products in the Ominira Naturals line are lacking in these ingredients. Thank God.

These are common ingredients in other hair products that are either toxic, harsh, block moisture or cause our hair to appear dull.

Now, here’s the key ingredients Ominira offers in their Tangle Slayer:

Water – first ingredient and most important for moisture

Glycerin – a humectant that helps draw moisture into the hair; also aids in detangling

Olive oil – penetrates the strands to promote moisture retention and strength

Avocado oil – similar properties of olive oil; provides double duty help with moisture retention

Panthenol – a B vitamin to add nourishment and conditioning to your strands

Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Seed cake – a coating agent that improves the health of your hair fibers

a Host of essential oils that add a natural fragrance but also help with making your hair strong: Lavender,  Basil, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Lime Distilled, Orange and Pine

Deep Conditioning With The Honey & Watermelon Infused Conditioner

Ominira Naturals deep conditioner
Amazing Moisture

This deep conditioner infuses hair with so much moisture! It has an equal amount of slip as well.

How I use:

Deep conditioning is such an important step not to skip on wash day.

Working in sections, I apply the deep conditioner to my natural hair throughout. Then, I put on a plastic cap followed by using my heating cap.

If I don’t have time to put on a heating cap (rare), I will complete my shower routine and just let the deep conditioner marinate in my hair beneath the plastic cap.

Then, I’ll rinse my hair out after about 30 minutes.

If you are battling dry hair, this deep conditioner will put an end to that. Then, when you seal it all in with the leave in conditioner and oil mentioned below (coupled with the right styling), you’ll find your hair stays moisturized much longer.

Ominira’s Deep Conditioner Ingredients

What makes this conditioner so intriguing (all the conditioners in the line, actually) is the watermelon and honey infusion.

In addition to similar ingredients in the Tangle Slayer (water, glycerin, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Seed cake, avocado and olive oils), these additional ingredients are unique in their pairing and pack big benefits:

Watermelon oil – helps with hair loss, strengthens hair against breakage, improves hair’s elasticity, improves circulation in the scalp, supports the maintenance of your hair’s color

Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey – a humectant that promotes moisture retention, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; adds shine to dull hair

Layering The Moisture

moisture retention products

In order to seal in the moisture and infuse vital nutrients into my hair while simultaneously fortifying it, I use the “Moisture Kit.” This is Ominira’s Honey & Watermelon Infusion Leave in Conditioner and Hair Strengthening Oil layered on top of each other.

This leave in conditioner has similar ingredients to the deep conditioner but it also contains Lavender, Lime and Lemon. These essential oils help with fighting bacteria, conditioning and promoting hair growth.

The oil is formulated with 100% Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Avocado Oil.

This oil blend helps to greatly seal in moisture, soften hair, add shine and strength to hair. It is an anti-breakage formula that penetrates, hydrates and strengthens.

While this is the description provided by Ominira, I wholeheartedly agree based on how my own hair is responding.

How I use:

After I thoroughly rinse out the deep conditioner, I begin sealing in all the moisture I received.

What I notice is even when my hair begins to dry some, once I apply the leave in, it gets completely hydrated all over again.

Then, when I use the strengthening oil to seal in all the moisture I like to choose a style that further promotes that moisture retention.

Twists or braids are the best at maintaining moisture for a longer period of time. I’ve gone days between needing to re-moisturize my hair when using this combination of products.

fine natural hair growth

Stimulating Hair Growth All Week Long

hair growth potion

After I’ve styled my hair, I apply the Ominira Naturals Hair Growth Potion to my scalp several times throughout the week. This “potion” is so invigorating to the scalp and it’s infused with a rich blend of natural oils including:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil

What’s great about this oil is it can also be used as a hot oil treatment.

There are definitely lots of good products on the market but I whole heartedly put my stamp of approval on these as more than good.

They are great and I feel blessed to have been first, gifted them. So much so that as I began to run low on each of the conditioners, I purchased a huge batch with my own money.

Ominira naturals natural hair products

Each of the hair products from this awesome line are in high demand. If you visit www.ominiranaturals.com you’ll find the product sell out quickly.

Be sure to get on the mailing list so you can be first to known when they restock. You will get first shot at the restock.

Janet has paired these products together in a manner that you can purchase them in a more cost effective manner. Also, there are super size version (see my picture above LOL!)

Here are the bundles:

Wash Day Kit – everything but the Hair Growth Potion and Scalp Massager

Hair Recovery Bundle (the full line)

Conditioner Trio (35 oz bottles pictured above) – Tangle Slayer, Deep Conditioner and Leave In: also available in 10 ounce bottles/8 ounce jar

Ultimate Moisture Kit – Leave in and Hair Strengthening Oil

Anti-Breakage Bundle – The Conditioner Trio and Hair Strengthening Oil

Hair Growth Duo – Scalp Massager and Hair Growth Potion

Fun Fact: These are formulated and created and in the UK (translation: many toxic ingredients allowed in the US are forbidden so these products are cleaner than what you will find here)

Ominira Naturals review

To see this wash day in full motion, subscribe to my Youtube channel. The video will be live on May 27th

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