The Power of Doing Just ONE Thing to reach natural hair goals

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Healthy hair. That’s every woman’s desire and goal. Sometimes it’s because we want longer hair but hair growth and long hair isn’t necessarily the reason for maintaining healthy hair, although that’s often the result. For some, the reasons are simply wanting to know how to reach natural hair goals like: hair that holds a style, simply shines or radiates beauty naturally.

how to reach hair goals

We’ll get into it in more detail but essentially the way to reach natural hair goals is to FOCUS on implementing just one healthy hair tip at a time. Yes, there are other nuances involved but the most important thing you can do is to focus on one are of your hair care at a time. Don’t try do do it all. and not trying to do it all.

how to reach natural hair goals
Freshly washed hair that was unraveled from twists just 1 day later

Whatever your reason for wanting healthier hair, it’s my goal as a natural hair blogger to provide you with the information you need in the new year (and beyond) to help you achieve the hair you desire.

Yes, there are many natural hair bloggers around (and tons of advice on social media but most of them do not provide exhaustive amounts of information specifically for fine natural hair type. That’s where I come in. I solely talk about caring for fine natural hair.

I’m not a licensed hair specialist but I do share content with you that I believe can help improve your hair health and rate of length retention. It’s based on my personal experiences with specific hair products and techniques that I’ve engaged with/in for over 20+ years on my natural hair journey.

And, while I can share a host of things that you could DO to obtain healthy hair, if you were to choose just one thing from what I’m about to share… and do it CONSISTENTLY, you will see a huge difference in the way your hair responds. Flourishes even.

healthy hair tips
My hair is thicker than it’s ever been! The individual strands are fine, but there’s a whole lot of them.

So, consider what you’re about to read to be your step-by-step guide to achieving everything you desire for your hair in its natural state.

While I’m sure that I can provide you with 100 ways to get you to a healthier head of hair (after a few mind mapping sessions…and a little investigating), let’s focus on 5. Just 5. From these five things, pick just one and uber-focus. I mean go all out and don’t miss a beat! This is a great way to focus. By end of the year (or whenever really. there’s no time limit), you’ll be that much closer to reaching those goals.

5 Simple Ways to Reach Your Natural Hair Goals:

1- Deep condition your hair with a hydrating deep conditioner every single week. That means never skip a deep conditioning session.

2- Moisturize your hair every-single-day (or a few times a week). Use the LOC or LCO method (Using a leave-in conditioner and natural oils are beneficial for this step)

3- Protective style your hair 5-6 days out of the week. Yup. Set it and forget it….sorta. Depending on your hair and the type of protective style, you may need to take it down nightly to add a little moisture. Just don’t over-manipulate. Protective styles can help you reach your hair length goals in no time..

4- Pre-Poo your hair with coconut oil and conditioner (optional) on every single wash day. Literally work your pre-poo down the hair shaft and let it marinate for a bit before washing.

5- Stop using hair tools like combs and brushes and opt for solely finger detangling and finger styling your hair. Yes, it’s possible.

These simple hair care methods are more powerful than you may give them credit for. Yet, simple doesn’t mean easy. It takes work to do just about anything consistently. And, here’s a little “secret”…

Secrets Don’t Exist!

There are really no “secrets” for how to reach natural goals or obtaining healthier hair. People only use that word to get your attention and it works nearly every single time. Now, something may appear to be a secret if you don’t know about it. The more you educate yourself, the more you discover that there’s nothing new under the sun.

The answers to almost everything you want to know about can be found by doing a little investigating. (except the cure for incurable diseases….yet. but you get my point!)

So what’s the point?

The point is to FOCUS. Tune out the noise. Stop reading every single article you can find on obtaining healthy hair and start taking action.

While there are tons of things you can do to achieve, just pick one and laser focus. It doesn’t take a phD in hair care to get your hair to a healthy state. Heck, it doesn’t even require you to spend a ton of money going to the “professionals” every week.

Learn to do it yourself and again, focus.


Reach your hair goals when you clearly define your them and consistently check in on them. The Goal Setting Hair Care Planner will help you to tune out the noise and focus on your goals (there goes that word again)

goal setting hair care planner

Focusing is very powerful. (If this hair was stretched out completely, the length would shock you!)

natural hair goals for fine hair

Track Everything You Do

While you’re at it, keep a hair journal. This will help you to easily see what’s moving you toward a specific goal. It can also help you to better know if you need to set new goals for your natural hair. 

By the way, while I write for fine hair naturals, this advice can be taken by any hair type. That includes those with relaxed hair.

For more “one thing hair care practices” check out these healthy hair tips:

17 Healthy Hair Tips for Fine Hair or if that link doesn’t work for you, copy and past this into your browser I talk more about the importance of using protein treatments, a healthy diet and even provide a tip on how to stimulate blood circulation in the hair follicles for hair growth. You definitely want these tips you have recently done a big chop and are not setting new hair goals. By the way, it has over 1,200 shares on Pinterest. Obviously, folks are finding this helpful.

Lastly, if you’re feeling really adventures, check out 27 Things You Can Do To Improve, Protect and Keep Your Hair on Your Head or These tips will definitely help you to improve the condition of your hair but teaching you how take better care of your hair.

BUT… just because there’s a lot of things on those lists, remember the best way is to FOCUS. It doesn’t matter how many healthy hair tips you come across.How you reach your natural hair goals is to focus on one at a time.

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  1. This is an awesome post, Michelle. There’s so much information on the internet about healthy hair, that sometimes one could get sidetracked. It makes you want to go out and buy this, or try that new technique. It’s rare to read about focusing on one thing. Thanks for sharing this with us readers. Now let me focus on being consistent with my deep conditioning each week. Lol.


    1. Thanks and you’re welcome! when I first started learning about how to care for my hair, I admit, I was all over the place with doing things. A hot mess lol…However, I guess it does provide for a good learning experience 🙂

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