A Summer Care Regimen

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summer hair regimen

For the most part, my hair care regimen has been pretty consistent. For the last year or so, I’ve really buckled down and focused on keeping my fine natural hair healthy by following a regimen and using the same products. This consistency has helped my fine hair to thrive.

Consistency is key to growing and maintaining healthy hair. At the same time, you have to review and tweak your regimen as the temperatures change from extreme cold to extreme hot and vice versa. I talk more about that here.

Over the years, my hair has undergone a number of changes which required me to change the types of products I used. Additionally, I discovered new products that my hair really liked and therefore replaced some of the products I was using and made the new ones staples.

One of the reasons why I’m sharing my updated hair regimen for the summer is due to the changes I wanted to share with you but the other reason is I was reminded to do so after reading KLPs article on prepping curls for the summer over at Saving Our Strands. My summer hair regimen changes are also closely aligned with the first theme of May’s Wash Day Experience!

hair regimen

My summer hair care regimen can be adequately summarized by what I do on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly basis – and it all starts this June.

Daily Summer Hair Regimen

  • In the morning, I will take down my hair, very lightly spritz with a spray leave in conditioner, smooth my edges (99% of the time); Fluff and be out. The change I’m making is the addition of the spray leave in.
  • At night, I will be massaging my scalp and applying a hair growth oil mix (every other night actually). Then, I will spritz my hair with water and smooth some Jojoba Oil over it to seal in the moisture.
  • Depending on if I want length or fullness, I’ll do one of the following:
    • Band my hair in 2 ponytails
    • Put it up in a pineapple (high ponytail)

My final step before bed will be to tie my hair down with a satin scarf. I sleep with an AC on in the summer so I find it easier to sleep with my head covered vs in the winter when I sleep on my satin pillow case with my hair uncovered. During the colder months, the heat is mad in my apartment!

Weekly Summer Hair Regimen

  • Pre-poo with my coconut oil hair mask from St Tropica, leaving it in for up to an hour. I just recently started using this hair mask and Iove how shiny and healthy it leaves my hair so I am stepping up how often I use this hair mask for the summer.
  • Co-wash with one of my staple co-wash products (you’ll find my staples hair products here) I don’t use a regular conditioner to co-wash on wash day. A change I’ll be making for summer is I will also be doing a quick mid-week co-wash (no pre-poo or deep conditioning). For this co-wash I’ll use of my staple rinse out conditioners.
  • Deep condition for 15 minutes with whatever product I’m feeling for from my hair care repertoire (I know…mad boughie)
  • Rinse with cool (not cold) water
  • Smooth my hair’s cuticles with Argan oil (all while still in the shower) followed by applying my leave in conditioner. The change here is the use of Argan oil. Normally, I use Jojoba or Apricot Castor Oil. Argan oil is pricey but for summer it’s just what I need to give my hair a healthy sheen, locking in moisture without weighing it down in the least bit.
  • Proceed with my summertime style of choice (more on that in a future post…I’ll be styling my hair one way all summer long)

Bi-weekly Summer Hair Care Regimen

In addition to what I will be doing to care for my hair weekly, I will continue to do a protein treatment using my DIY goat’s milk conditioner. This remains unchanged because it serves to keep my hair strong and nearly breakage free.

Monthly/Quarterly Hair Regimen

Once a month I will clarify my hair with a bentonite clay wash and apple cider vinegar rinse. Currently, I’m doing it on a sporadic basis but plan to keep track of clarifying for the summer by using the new Just Grow Already! hair journal. The reason I want to keep track is I sweat a lot more in my head during the summer months so I want to make sure I’m removing all the added dirt and grime my hair will accumulate from being outdoors enjoying the heat.

Since summer is typically about 3 months (a quarter of the year), I plan to henna my hair once during the summer (toward the beginning). The Henna application will cover my gray hairs and further strengthen my fine strands.

Do you have any changes you’ll be making to your hair regimen for the summer? If you also blog, join us for the wash day experience


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  1. I love this summer regimen! Are you still incorporating the henna tea spray every 3 days as well?)

    1. thanks! i actually haven’t made any henna tea spray for a little while. I’m going to resume it in the fall. I feel like it’s more beneficial when I do more protective styles.

      1. Oh perfect. Thank you! I have been following your summer routine and it is a GEM. i appreciate you sharing 💛

    1. Yes just about every week. I use the goats milk every other week and my deep conditioners that I use on the off weeks have a small amount of protein in them. Plus, my Prepoo usually is a light protein mix

      Thanks lady! Looking forward to starting the new regimen and getting bursts of moisture!

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