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Last updated on July 15th, 2020 at 02:22 pm

My gal pal and inspiration for growing fine natural hair to super long lengths, Shelli aka Hairscapades is hosting a hair growth challenge!

I’m not new to hair growth challenges but I do tend to fall of the wagon when it comes to really long challenges (over a month LOL). This time around I’m adding faith AND focus to the mix.

Hair Growth Challenge Entry

The grow out hair challenge is running for 6 months and Shelli will be sharing her tips for helping us to get our hair to the next level. While we started a week ago, it’s not too late to join.

You can find posts related to the challenge on Instagram under #growouthha. I’ll mostly be sharing there.

Here’s my official entry:

NAME: Michelle


1) Pre-poo (alternating weekly) with either a DIY aloe Vera gel and oil mix OR a DIY Amla pre-poo OR Melanin Haircare conditioner/Pure oil blend for 30 mins to over night. 

2) Cleanse with a cowash product weekly or shampoo (once a month)

3a) Deep condition using heat with henna gloss using one of my many deep conditioners (no preference right now…just using up products)
3b) Protein treat with either goats milk condish or full strength henna every other month

4) Apply a leave in and seal with an oil or oil blend

5) Search and destroy trimming on wash day when ends feel a little rough

6) Style in medium size to large twists or a wash ‘n go stretched using the banding method

BIGGEST STRUGGLE/ISSUE: Keeping my hands out of my hair and a slow growing crown section.

GOAL: Retain 4-5 inches of hair by year end using low manipulation/protective styling, increased deep conditioning

REWARD: Reaching my goal IS my reward !

Other Hair Practices

Some other hair practices I didn’t mention in my entry that I will be doing include:

  • Spritzing/refreshing my hair with a refresher spray. I currently have one from Belle Bar Organic, one from the Mane Choice and one from Anita Grant. I’ll use the same refresher between washes and alternate after washing.
  • Using Shea Butter or Castor Oil on my ends.

Before joining this natural hair growth challenge, I shared a bit about my plans for growing my fine strands longer in this video:

YouTube video

Faith & Focus

God is first and foremost. While we can often times reach goals without God, there’s limits. Why settle for less?

I know that I have many challenges when it comes to my natural hair but those challenges are more in regard to my character. Like, I struggle to stay focused. I tend to give up too easily when I don’t see the progress I expect.

Trusting God through this process is something I’m doing a bit differently from other hair challenges. This in turn, I trust and believe will help me to gain the focus I need to be successful in this natural hair growth challenge.

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