Twist Out Tips for Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 09:48 pm

When it comes to achieving a good twist out, there’s no shortage of twist out tips at your disposal. Yet, these tips aren’t twist out tips for fine hair. They are usually tips about getting a good amount of definition. While this is certainly achievable, for those of us with fine hair, we also want to get a good bit of volume as well.

The twist out tips you are about to read are written for those with fine natural hair in mind and will cover:

  • Technique
  • Products
  • Maintenance

Best Twist Out Technique for Fine Hair

twist out tips for fine hair
twist outs with added color

When it comes to twisting your fine strands for a bomb twist out, try this technique (It works for me every single time):

  • Twist stretched hair – blown out preferred but not blown straight (click here for my preferred blow dryer)
  • Concentrate your styler on the length of your hair, not so much on the roots and not too much on the ends
  • Loosely flat twist the roots
  • Twist medium sized sections in a rope like fashion, not small or large
  • Set the very ends of your hair with small perm rods (just enough to bump the ends)
  • Allow your twists to set over night before removing the perm rods
  • Then, allow your twists to remain twisted for an additional couple of days
  • Put those twists up in a high ponytail when you go to sleep and tie a scarf over your hair

Below is a video sharing my beginning twist out secrets. It was published many years ago and doesn’t include everything I just shared in this article but the tips still ring true today.

YouTube video

This twist out technique will help you to achieve a more uniform definition from root to tip. You’ll have more volume due to twisting on stretched hair. You’ll also have more definition by allowing your twists to remain twisted for a few extra days. This gives your hair time to “settle.”

hair growth

This is the perm rod (clickable) I use to set the ends of my twists:

Twist Out Products for Fine Hair

I bet you are expecting to find a list of recommended products in this section. Nah sis. When it comes to using products on fine natural hair for a twist out, the brand doesn’t matter. There are many good styling products on the market.

The best twist out stylers on the market are available across many brands but what you want to look at is the ingredients, consistency of the product and product claims. These include:

  • Products
  • Lightweight cream stylers and foams that don’t just coat the hair
  • Products containing ingredients like biotin, hyaluronic acid, keratin, and hydrolyzed proteins
  • Nothing containing drying alcohols
  • Products offering a light hold (no level 10 stuff)

Twist Out Tips for Maintaining the Twist Out

Once you’ve set your twists and revealed your beautiful twist out the following day, you want to maintain that twist out so that you don’t have to keep doing it every day.

For starters, you do want to re-twist the front 2 to 4 twists. This is the section that frames your face and will likely lose definition when you put your hair up.

You don’t need to flat twist the hair again. Just put that front section in loose twists.

Then, put the rest of your hair up in one of two ways:

  • a loose high ponytail secured with a satin scrunchie wrapped around just once. Alternatively you can pull the rest of your hair to the front of your head like you are going to secure it with the scrunchie but you’ll just tie a scarf over your hair from the back and tie it toward the front
  • loosely wrap the rest of your hair into a loose roll and secure it with a clip like the Goody Flex barrette. You will leave the ends of your hair out so the curls don’t get crushed. Shelli from Hairscapades shared this alternative to the pineapple a while back and it works great.

Here’s the video demo here:

YouTube video

Try one of these methods for maintaining your twist out. You may find you prefer one method over the other.

These twist out tips for fine hair that I’ve just shared with you should help you achieve your best twist out yet. Definition and volume are easily within your reach.

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