Reebot Your Hair in 6 Steps: Step 4 – Deep Conditioning

Last updated on July 24th, 2020 at 09:34 pm

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After clarifying your hair to thoroughlycleanse it in the step of rebooting, you’re going to want to deep condition to add moisture and nourishment to your strands.

Guidelines for Deep Conditioning

There’s a lot to be said about deep conditioning one’s hair.  There are a number of methods taught and even various ideas about how long you need to deep condition for. The information can get a bit confusing so here are some guidelines for effectively deep conditioning your hair:

  • Use a deep conditioner rich in moisturizing ingredients and with little to no protein so that you are solely deep conditioning for moisturizing benefits annd not necessarily for strength. You can use a protein treatment for strengthening at a later time.
  • Apply your deep conditioner to your hair in sections so that adequate coverage is achieved.
  • Use a heat source to heat up the deep conditioner in your head (versus usiing your body heat which only heats the product in your scalp and not in your hair). Of course, cover with a plastic cap (not a plastic shopping or garbage bag). Plastic caps are designed to really help your head generate heat. The effect isn’t the same (IMO) as a plastic bag (a harder feeling plastic than the softer plastic a plastic cap is made from).
  • Deep condition with your heat source for 30 minutes. More time is not any more effective and less time is not as effective.
  • Once per month, try using a deep conditioner containing a bit of protein that’s also balanced with moisture. This way you’ll get the strength and moisture you can do

Other Helpful Articles on Deep Conditioning

Since I’ve written quite a few articles on deep conditioning, I won’t re-invent the wheel. Below you’ll find a link to a page that lists the articles on deep conditioning that are perfect companions to the one you are reading:

Deep Conditioning Fine Hair: Everything You Need to Know

diy deep conditioner

Deep conditioning your hair is a critical step to getting moisture into your hair so that it’s soft and pliable. If you are planning to reboot your hair, this step is probably one of the most important ones.

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