Why I Stopped Doing Hot Oil Treatments

Last updated on March 17th, 2019 at 01:19 pm

Maracuja Oil

Warm, fragrant oil making its way down your scalp to the base of your neck. Ahhhh….Aint nobody got time for that!

While hot oil treatments are great for people struggling with specific concerns, they are pretty much a thing of the past for me.  Before I share why, let’s examine some of the benefits of hot oil treatments for those with specific concerns.

Hot Oil Treatment Benefits

Hot oil treatments are great for those struggling with any of the following conditions:

  • Dry scalp
  • Hair that doesn’t retain moisture
  • Frizz prone hair
  • Color treated hair that dries out quickly
  • Frequent end splitting
  • Dull looking tresses
  • Stretched hair that is prone to tangling

Why Hot Oil Treatments are a Waste of My Time

So why did I stop doing hot oil treatments? The answer is pretty simple. I’ve discovered that my hair is no better or worst off for doing or not doing them. Hot oil treatments just don’t carry the same benefits for me. That’s partly due to the nature of my hair.


For my hair, hot oil treatments are nothing more than additional time added to my hair regimen.  The pre-poo and deep conditioning part of a hair regimen is the most crucial part when looking to impart/maintain moisture and keep hair in good condition. You can also add oils to your deep conditioner.

I also don’t chemically color treat my hair and I don’t suffer with dandruff (thank Jesus). I’ve also discovered that I can protect my strands from dryness and dullness in very much the same way as a hot oil treatment, by ensuring that my final rinse on wash day is followed with an application of a light oil to seal. It yields the same reults (for me) as a hot oil treatment.

If necessary, throughout the week a lightweight quick absorbing oil like argan, jojoba or almond can be used to lubricate the strands. The result is hair that is less prone to tangling.  The formation of split ends is also reduced.

Oil Sealed & Lubricated Fine Natural Hair

Notice the natural shine

But you may think, “What about the winter time when it gets really cold out and hair is prone to becoming dry and brittle?”

Enter Mango or Shea Butter…

While butters can weigh fine hair down, the winter season is the time when I’ll give them a pass. That’s because during the colder days of the year, you can utilize protective styling in buns, medium to large twists or braids.

Sealing your twists and braids (and even your bunned hair) with a butter, not only keeps them looking neater longer, it also protects your strands from moisture loss. Weighed down hair isn’t much of an issue because the hair is all contained and put away anyway.

Alternatives to Hot Oil Treatments

So, if you are looking for alternatives to doing hot oil treatments that fulfill some of the benefits of a hot oil treatment, try some of what I just shared:

  • Prepoo with an oil
  • Add a natural oil to the deep conditioner you are planning to use with a dryer or heating cap
  • On wash day, seal off your final rinse with a natural oil
  • Lubricate strands throughout the week with a natural, lightweight, fast absorbing oil like Argan oil.

Do you do hot oil treatments? Why or why not?


A Prayer for Our Hair:

Dear Lord in Heaven, thank you for the gracious gift of abundant natural oils. Help us to know when they are to be used in our hair, on our skin or to just cook with. Amen

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