How to Fall In Love with Your Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 04:37 pm

fine naural hair

Let’s face it, our fine natural hair will never look the same as those ladies possessing heftier tresses. And, that’s OK!

When you do everything that you know to do (and start doing the things you don’t know) to your fine natural hair, you will discover that it’s quite loveable after all!

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Before you can truly fall in love with your fine natural hair, let’s first examine some things you may be doing (or not) to your hair that are causing feelings of dislike (and in some cases, hate).


    • Do you have a specific hair regimen for your type of hair?
    • Are you using products formulated specifically with fine hair in mind?
      1. Cleansers
      2. Conditioners/Treatments with Protein
      3. Stylers (frizz control, volumizers)
      4. Moisturizers (light weight, water/cream based, non-stick, non-greasy)
      5. How often do you wash your hair? (Dirty hair = weighed down hair)


  • Is your hair all one length or do you have layers (layers create the illusion of volume and don’t need to be dramatic to do so)
  • Do you use products that gel the hair down to the scalp?
  • Do you use products that allow for free movement at the root?
  • Do you use oils? If so, how often and do they penetrate your strands quickly or sit on top?
  • Do you heat style more than once in a month?
  • When wearing protective styles, how long do you keep them in for? More than 2 weeks?
  • Do you take in account the weather when determining how to style your hair on a given day?


  • Do you use a comb or brush on dry hair?
  • Do you manipulate your fine strands often? How often? Multiple times daily? Couple times a week?
  • When you do comb your hair, do you start from the ends or the roots?
  • Do you pop knots off the ends of your hair?


  • Do you compare your hair to others?
  • Do you try to exactly replicate a style you see another do?
  • Do you buy products based on what your favorite YouTuber recommends without knowing what ingredients are in the products?
  • Do you make confessions like, “I hate my hair,” “My hair will never grow?”

All of these questions were raised to invoke thought and there’s likely many more. For the purpose of learning to love your fine natural hair, I’d like for you to think about how you treat it. Sometimes all it takes is a little enlightenment for you to make some changes that will actually lead you to loving your fine natural hair. I challenge you to look deep. Do you accept the challenge?


A Prayer for Hair:

Heavenly Father, In the Name of Jesus I ask that you would enlighten all of your women, young and old. Open the eyes of their understanding that they may love the hair you’ve given them and discover the best products, routines and methods to care for it. Amen

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