3 Deep Conditioners I’m Endorsing for Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on August 25th, 2020 at 01:29 pm

Deep conditioning is critical for all hair. Finding the right deep conditioners for fine natural hair is even more critical.

Is your crown fragile, prone to breakage?

Do you feel like nobody understands how delicate your hair is?

deep conditioners for fine natural hair

I get it. I’ve had life long challenges with my fine natural hair, especially my crown area. It’s like that section doesn’t thrive as much as the rest of your hair.

Deep conditioning your hair is one of the most important things you can do for your fine natural hair. The products you choose to get the job done will determine how effective your deep conditioning will actually be.

In the video below I shared 3 deep conditioners for fine natural hair that I highly recommend

YouTube video

Why These Deep Conditioners for Fine Natural Hair

The reason I recommend the three deep conditioners shared in the video is twofold:

1: They are highly moisturizing
2: They contain light amounts of protein

Those are typically the criteria I look for in a deep conditioner for hair that’s naturally fragile. They have to contain beneficial natural oils and nutrients that help the conditioner to be more moisturizing. The oils don’t moisturize but they help with moisture retention so I guess it’s semantics.

Another thing I really like about a deep conditioner containing lots of natural oils (often carrier oils) is they help the conditioner to have a bit more slip.

When using 1 of the 3 deep conditioners shown in the video above, my hair tends to retain moisture for long periods of time. This is even more the case when I style my hair for the week in a protective style.

Spirit food for thought: God has blessed us with so many natural elements. Oils are just one type. When incorporating these God given substances into our personal care routines, we can expect to achieve the best results.

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  1. La Starr Wicks says:

    I recently found a new love Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Deep Treatment Masque..wow..I know its been around awhile I just never tried it…I was sleep but now I am woke…I do want to try the mane choice, I havent tried any of their products yet…thanks for the video, sending pure positive energy your way.

    1. hey I think I’ve heard of that conditioner too but I’ve never used it either. Glad to hear you found something that works 🙂

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