3 Ways To Improve The Look of Natural Hair in Just One Day

Last updated on September 3rd, 2017 at 05:08 pm

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Similar to the The Power of Doing Just One Thing post I wrote a while back, you can do very specific things to improve the condition of your natural hair. Most of those things require repetitive action for cumulative effect before seeing results.

Yet , there’s ways to improve natural hair in just one day when it’s not looking it’s best.


Moisturizing natural hair is not only something you should do regularly to prevent breakage. When your hair is properly moisturized it manages to hold a style well. Dry hair is just dull and lifeless. It doesn’t allow your hair to be great.

If you have fine natural hair, it’s prone to breaking due to it’s natural characteristics. Dry fine hair is sure to break. Taking time to moisturize natural hair will great improve its condition and its appearance. It not only feels better; it looks better too.

Wash Your Hair

Sometimes all you need to do is wash your hair. Since fine hair is prone to being more limp than it already is when lots of products are applied to the hair, the cure is to simply start from zero by washing your hair to remove product build up.

Get a Haircut or a Trim

If you find that your hair isn’t holding a style or it just looks pretty blah, a haircut or trim may be in order. Cleaning up raggedy ends or reshaping your curls can improve the condition of your hair right away.

improving look of natural hair

If you find that your hair just isn’t looking its best, try one or all of the methods I just mentioned. Washing your hair, moisturizing it and trimming your ends when needed are necessary to keep your natural hair looking and feeling its best.


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  1. Edris Thompson says:

    I like what I see I going to practice some of these my hsir is so fine do not hold twist much some days I am so frustrated with my hair you give some much good tips but I am not good at styling my hair

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