Tips for Loose Two Strand Twisting Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on March 30th, 2016 at 03:44 pm

loose twists in a ponytail

Sometimes you just don’t don’t feel like dealing with your hair. Getting up every morning and styling it can be a chore. You may even dread it at times.

Wouldn’t it be great to just get up and go for days on end without having to do your hair but still look like you actually did do it?

That’s what I love about loose two strand twists. It takes very little effort to do them and depending on how you style them, it almost looks like you don’t really have twists in your hair. The styling options are also pretty awesome along with the fact that they can help you retain length if that’s a goal of yours.

loose two strand twists

I first saw the technique of loose twisting in a video shared by Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes. Her technique is a little different and she does approximately 150 loose two strand twists. I had to tweak her technique a little for my fine hair so that my twists don’t unravel, don’t look limp, don’t break off and stay frizz free for as long as possible.

Here they are:

Don’t make your sections too large but don’t make them too small. Too small and they will tangle and look puny when you’re done twisting your entire head. Too large and the twist will look “poofy”. In this case, remove some hair and re-twist. As a rule of thumb, the section should be no bigger than about the diameter of a quarter (maybe less if your hair density is off the charts. Fine hair doesn’t necessarily = thin hair).

If you stretch your hair via a blow out or other method prior to twisting, you can get away with twisting slightly larger sections. When I twist on hair that has some of my visible curl pattern, smaller sections are required.

Apply a light natural oil or whipped butter to your ends (whipped is lighter in weight and won’t weigh your hair down as much. See this article on How to Use Shea Butter on Fine Hair) and finger detangle up the length of the section. This will lubricate your hair so that you can detangle with little to no breakage.

Twist tightly at the root, loosely down the length of the hair and tightly at the ends. Alternatively, you can braid at the root. I’ve seen other ladies do it this way. I don’t prefer it because it looks like extensions and that’s not the look I usually go for.

Daily, moisturize your hair with a product that doesn’t have water high up on the ingredient list. My product of choice is Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream. Because there’s no water in it, your hair doesn’t shrink up. Yet you still get moisturized hair because it contains aloe vera gel. This is beneficial for not only fine hair but any hair type. Also, when you focus the product on your ends, it helps to seal them so they don’t tangle.

Loose two strand twists are not only a great low manipulation style, they can also be considered a protective style when you wear them up off your shoulders. Lazy hair days are definitely made easier with this style. Check out this video of my loose twists done on blown out hair.

What’s your go to low manipulation hair style?


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