Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Great Fine Natural Hair

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easy every day hairstyles for fine natural hair

I bet when you read the title of this post you either thought “I wonder what on earth these hairstyles look like that will have fine natural hair in such greatness” or “How easy could these every day hairstyles be with such a claim to greatness?”

Regardless of what you thought when you read the title of this post, this is for you. These 5 everyday hairstyles work best for all hair types but especially for fine natural hair or thin curly hair.

Here at Fine Natural Hair and Faith, it’s my goal to help you keep your crown and glory looking, feeling and living good!

The styling process for each of these every day hairstyles is pretty easy and they help to protect your hair from damage so that there’s more length retention. The result is fine hair that’s in good condition while allowing it to also look pretty good.

These easy hairstyles for curly hair can fast become staple styles in your hair care routine due to how low in manipulation they are to your strands. Low manipulation is best for fine low density curly hair. Plus, most of them are just well….cute.

 I. One or two Buns

Buns as an everyday hairstyle are nothing new to any hair type but there are definitely different ways you can do them. Usually messy buns in the form of loose top knots, space buns, floral buns or just the classic bun – rarely ever neat are the way to go for fine natural hair – unless your goal is to project a sleeker look. Just remember: Messier = fuller looking so sleek is not necessary for us fine hair chicks.

Reasons it’s an everyday hairstyleLow Manipulation and can be done on textured or stretched hair; Protects hair from damage; Helps with length retention; little thought needed to style them. All that’s needed is to add a few hair accessories when you want to kick the look up a notch.

cute side bun on fine hair

stretched hair in a bun

two high buns

II. Wash and Go.

A hairstyle that’s best suited for the summer months, the wash and go is a staple everyday hair style that just about any hair type can achieve. Those with fine hair or very kinky textures can do the wash and go. Those with kinkier hair don’t usually think it’s possible to be done but I’ve seen many type 4 naturals rock a beautiful wash and go. The keys lie with the defining product used and in stretching out the curl a bit once it’s fully dry. At night the curls are maintained in a loose curl bun or a high ponytail, called the pineapple. Kinkier textures can utilize the art of banding to get a desired stretch for a looser curly look.

Reason it’s an everyday hairstyle: Very little manipulation to maintain the style; depending on the products used to set the curls, several days can pass without needing to add any additional moisture to the style.

wash and go on shorter fine natural hair

hair tips for all hair types

III. Medium/large twists

Having fine lower density natural hair, I never do small twists. It’s usually medium or large (no more than 20 medium and no more than 10/12 large). I keep them looking neat by smoothing a heavy oil like castor oil over the ends when I first twist and after two or three days when it begins to get a bit of frizz, I also use a little Camille Rose Naturals CurlMaker at the root (also used when the twists are first done) and an edge control product around my edges. Tying the twists down with a satin scarf at night keeps them looking neat longer. Bobby pins, the Goody Ouchless Flex Hair Barrette or the banana clip are my go to hair accessories to style the twists.

Goody flex Barrette also available in Black

Reason it’s an everyday hairstyleIt gives the hair a week’s break from any manipulation. I can literally set it and forget it for most of the time they are in.

June 2017 Twists 

twists with Chebe

The brown flakes you see are from the Chebe powder I’ve been using. See my thoughts on Chebe here.

IV. Twist outs.

I’m not the biggest fan of braid outs as they are pretty much hit or miss for me. My twist outs come out with the most volume when done with large twists. Medium twists provide a happy medium between provide definition and some volume. Smaller twists leave little to be desired other than definition – no volume whatsoever on fine hair.

Reason it’s an everyday hairstyle: Twist outs yield curls looking their most uniform. I get less tangling than with a wash and go (unless I band the wash ‘n go for more stretched curls).

frizz free curls

defined twist out on fine natural hair

V. Curlformer Sets

While I only use Curlformers a few times a year due to time constraints, I consider this a staple style more than an everyday hairstyle but it is a go to method for achieving hair that’s pretty darn stretched, nearly straight. I only do this when there’s no humidity in the air though (think spring or fall). Otherwise I will have thrown all my hard work to the wind! Or shall I say heat!

Reason it’s an everyday hairstyle: Curlformers create nearly straight hair due to its serious stretching ability. The results are similar to a press and curl look for those with fine or thin hair. Sometimes you want a sleeker look and Curlformers can help you achieve that.

voluminous curls

curlformers on fine natural hair

Having a handful of staple curly hairstyles will not only get you through every season or social event you come across, it really does just make styling your hair much easier. Besides that, there will be many times when you want to look good but don’t want to put much thought into it.  These easy everyday hairstyles for fine natural hair will get you through.

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Michelle Smith

Michelle is a Christian natural hair enthusiast. She's been natural for 20+ years and shares natural hair care tips and easy hairstyles for those with low density or thin fine natural hair. It's her joy to inspire you to live by faith in God while caring for your "crown."

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  1. Ebony Dancy

    My hair holds no heat and is hard for me to maintain. I usually wear weaves or braids but for the last year as I approach menopause my scalp is easily irritated. I need help trying to find a style that’s professional, low maintenance and cute. Would love advice if I could send you a photo I would.

    1. Michelle

      Hi Ebony,

      The best low maintenance professional styles I recommend are low buns. they are very protective and still cute. You can let it down at night (or tie it down). There’s a number of ways to rock buns. It doesn’t have to be just a traditional single bun. If you are subbed to my youtube channel, you will catch a number of videos I’m publishing for Vlogmas. I have 2 tutorials on ways to do horizontal and vertical double buns

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