A PRE-POO recipe that actually works for fine natural hair

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Making the choice to pre-poo your hair before washing it (especially shampooing) is a wise decision. This Pre-poo recipe for fine hair will literally protect your hair from loss of moisture as well as help to prevent hygral fatigue (damage occurred from the opening/closing of the cuticle during the wash process).

hair infused an herbal pre-poo recipe

While you may not always feel like pre-pooing your hair due to time constraints or just plain laziness, it’s wise not to skip the process.

That’s not to say you’ll experience devastating effects by not pre-pooing but you will find that by adding this step to your hair care routine on wash day definitely helps.

The benefits of pre-pooing your hair will be quite apparent. Especially, if you’ve been experiencing issues like dryness or feeling like your hair is stripped right after washing.

Types of Pre-Poos

pre-poo  for fine natural hair

While there are many ways to pre-poo your hair, the most popular include:

  • A pre-poo product created from various ingredients like the Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Pre-poo (availability in beauty supply stores)
  • A rinse out conditioner
  • Coconut oil
  • Mix of a conditioner and an oil
  • Herbal mixtures (you can create a great pre-poo recipe for fine hair with herbs)

Some pre-poos work better than others based on your hair type.

For those with really thick strands, simply applying coconut oil before washing has proven to be quite effective.

Yet, for those of us with finer hair we need to use a product that will not only protect our strands but will also not weigh our hair down or cause it to appear greasy.

coconut oil for pre-poos

While opting to apply a rinse out conditioner or pre-poo product may prove effective, those products are created with a “one product suits all” mindset.

One of the most effective pre-poo recipes for fine hair will be one specifically created (or mixed via DIY) with ingredients that benefit this fragile hair type.

Below you’ll find a DIY herbal pre-poo recipe that actually works for fine natural hair. I’ve been using it regularly in my own fine hair for the past 3 months (as of the writing of this post). Prior, I was just using an oil and sometimes mixing it with a rinse out conditioner.

My hair was afforded with some protection but the best available.

The Amla PRE-POO

Neki Cakes on YouTube (xoloveslifexo on Instagram) and I have a very similar hair texture. Because of that, most of the types of products that work for her, work for me. That includes the pre-poo.

The simple DIY recipe for an Amla Pre-Poo below was shared by Neki on Youtube. It works wonders for fine natural hair.

The recipe consists of:

– Amla powder
– Shar Naturals Oil (or any herbal hair oil of your choice)
– Aloe Vera juice

She demonstrates this pre-poo in action here:

YouTube video

I’ve since tweaked the recipe a bit as I always seem to run out of aloe vera juice.

I mix Amla powder with a DIY hair oil and filtered water. I also add a few drops of rosemary essential oil.

After applying the pre-poo, I allow it to sit in my hair under a plastic cap and warm conditioning cap for upwards of one hour.

Other DIY Pre-Poos

Henna + Amla PRE-POO Recipe

amla and henna to create pre-poo recipes for fine hair

Amla as the base of a pre-poo helps to define your curls while simultaneously providing anti-frizz protection.

Adding the super herb, Henna to the recipes adds the benefit of strength to the protection.

The recipe is different but simple:

-Amla oil- 2-4 tablespoons
-Henna – 1 tablespoon
-a Rinsing conditioner sans protein (about 1 cup)

Note: this can also be used as a strengthening treatment after washing your hair.

Easy DIY Pre-Poo Recipes for Fine Hair

If you find that herbs are just not your thing (I have no idea why they wouldn’t be!), below you’ll find an article written by Trials ‘n Tresses with 9 other DIY Pre-poo recipes.

This article outlines many of the benefits of using the particular ingredients shared.


Considering the importance of the Pre-poo, do you intend to prioritize it in your regimen? If so, which of the pre-poo recipes for fine hair will you try?

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  1. My hair is silver gray, does Henna change the color?

  2. Greetings Michelle, honestly every time I get discouraged with my hair you post a video that mskes get back on and focus more on my hair journey. I needed to know how often can you. apply. The goat milk??? To strengthen hair. Can i mix henna with it?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Ruth, So happy to help!
      No, don’t add henna to it. that would cause an overload of strength. The goat milk recipe is very balanced with strength and moisturized. I wouldn’t add to that. You can use it every other week because the honey in it is a humectant and keeps the strength in check if that makes sense.

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