Cleansing Fine Natural Hair in Braids

Last updated on July 4th, 2020 at 08:25 pm

When cleansing braids in your fine hair, you’ll find that you can greatly extend the life of this low manipulation hairstyle. Your scalp won’t itch because it will be clean. You won’t need to remove the braids to do it so you’ll be able to keep them in longer.

The strategy I share of my cleansing my braids has helped me to keep them in for over two weeks. It works if you’re multiple or single braids on natural hair. Check out the video to see how I do it.

YouTube video

In this video, I’ve had braids in my fine natural hair for about a week and a half. The goal is to keep them in for a month and at the rate that I am going washing them every week and a half, I should be able to accomplish that.

The video depicts how I wash and deep condition my hair while in braids. You’ll notice it’s a very simple process and for the sake of time while I started with my products already mixed, I do explain in detail what I’m using.

In the interest of disclosure I do have to say that you don’t want to do your braids too small or else they will be a nightmare to unbraid when it’s time to change up your hairstyle.

Why Wear Braids?

The goal of wearing braids for a long period of time is to just leave your hair alone. They may not be fancy looking like curls but the time period that we are living in being shut in due to the coronavirus pandemic, who cares about fancy hairstyles?

Braids are a fine way to style fine natural hair for the long haul. Unlike twists, braids will not cause fine strands to loc up. Then, once you’re done with the style you can choose to do an awesome natural braid out.

Now, you may be one who rocks braids all the time. Kudos to you. I am not of that breed. I tend to love wearing my hair in a wash and go or a twist out. However, right now that’s just not feasible. It actually doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion.

If you’re anything like me, when you’re in the house all day you may neglect your hair. So, for the sake of coming out of this isolation period with an actual healthy head of hair, keeping your hair in braids is a very smart move.

Products used for cleansing braids in fine hair:

What’s Next?

As mentioned in the video, when I’m done with this set of braids, I will re-braid my fine natural hair in larger braids. I have about 32 braids in the video so that will condense down to 16. So, half.

Less braids may not last as long but that’s ok (They will last for at least 2 weeks). I’ll be ready to move on to my next low maintenance or protective style by then. Then, instead of cleansing in braids, I’ll likely be cleansing in twists.

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