HAIR MAINTENANCE: Attend to Your Crown

Last updated on August 4th, 2020 at 07:50 pm

Like your edges, the hair in your crown is quite delicate. Not necessarily naturally so, but due to it’s location. The crown hair care tips you’ll find below will help you to protect that area of your hair and even help it to thrive.

crown hair care

Why Your Crown is Wrecked

The sun beams down and the first area of your hair it reaches is the crown of your head. This is one reason why your crown is more prone to breakage.

When you pull your hair up into a style, the crown is pulled the most (next to your edges). This is another reason your crown is more fragile.

When washing and conditioning your hair, you are more likely to focus on tending to your ends since it’s the oldest part of your hair.

This is yet another reason your crown is more fragile. It’s neglected.

Crown Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

In order to maintain a healthy crown you must attend to it. Here are seven tips to help you do that (7 is known as God’s number of completion so what a coincidence!):

  1. Section out your crown and care for it like it is a separate head of hair (video below).
  2. Detangle your crown separately from the rest of your hair (part of #1 above)
  3. Apply additional product to your crown area (ex: conditioner, oil).
  4. Wear your hair down more than you wear it up (Yes, this may leave your ends more exposed if you wear your hair out but there are still ways to protect your ends).
  5. Massage the crown of your head to increase blood flow.
  6. When wearing your hair up, loosely secure it.
  7. Wear a hat when going outdoors (especially in the summer).

Crown Hair Care: Maintaining Your Crown

YouTube video

I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, so that no one will take your crown.Revelations 3:11

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