Cassia + Curls + Moisture Mask: In Review

The Cassia Curls Moisture Mask from Henna Sooq (retailing for $12) is part of their Henna Bar hair care product collection.

In this post I’m sharing my experiences using the hair mask and how my fine natural hair responded to it.

cassia curls moisture mask
Used in conjunction w/ Cassia & Neem Hair Wash + Rosemary/Tangerine/Clary Sage Co-wash

Ingredients in Cassia Curls Moisture Mask

Before we get into my review of the Cassia Curls Moisture Mask, let’s take a look at the ingredients. Per Henna Sooq:

Distilled water, organic cassia, organic amla, organic aloe vera and optiphen

As you can see, the ingredient list is pretty short and natural. If you’re wondering about the optiphen, it’s just a safe preservative consisting of Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol. It doesn’t contain any nasty parabens, formaldehydes or other highly toxic chemicals.

This hair mask is also made from fresh ingredients so it’s able to spoil rather quickly (Hence, the optiphen). Yet, even with the optiphen added to it, you’ll need to store this mask in the freezer.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of the various ingredients (outside of the optiphen).

Distilled Water

Using distilled water in hair products is great because there’s no minerals or other contaminants in it. The absence of these things in the water allows the other ingredients in the product to shine without being tainted. It’s the next best thing to sterile water.


cassia for hair

Similar in its benefits to henna, cassia strengthens and conditions the hair. It also adds shine and volume. Cassia is also know to help with scalp conditions.



One of my favorite top herbs, Amla can be used in conjunction with so many other herbs. It helps to restore curl definition and it adds a necessary boost of vitamin C which serves to help fight hair breakage. Lastly, Amla is a big stimulator of hair growth since it increases blood circulation in the scalp.

Check out my Amla Pre-Poo Recipe

Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Moisture is key. You’ve likely heard that before and it’s so true. Without adequate moisture in your hair, it would dry up and break off. Aloe vera (next to water) is a super moisturizer. It also helps to promote hair growth and repair dead skin cells on the scalp.

Why Organic?

Just like with the food we eat, it’s a good idea to use hair products containing organic ingredients. When it comes to herbs in our hair products, you certainly don’t want any toxins mixed in. So, it’s excellent that Henna Sooq is using organic Cassia, Amla, and Aloe Vera in this hair mask.

As you can see, each of these ingredients work synergistically to create a super potent hair mask.

Now on to my actual review…

Pros of The Cassia Curls Moisture Hair Mask

Right out the gate, I have to say that I absolutely L-O-V-E this hair mask. It makes me feel like I’m really practicing self care when I use it. The mask is a true treat to your hair. It’s formulated to provide strength and balance.

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients are clean and mostly organic. That’s a big requirement for the hair care products I use.

After rinsing the mask from my hair, it felt noticeably stronger but even more noticeable was how much moisturized it felt. It was also very easy to wash out – super smooth mixture.

Lastly, throughout the week I maintained moisture longer than I normally do.

moisturized hair results

Cons of Cassia Curls Moisture Mask

I have only one con.

Out of this particular product which costs nearly $20, I could only get one use out of it. That means it’s not very cost effective.

If you have shorter hair, you can get 2 uses out of it (more if really short).

So, will I continue to buy this? Rarely.

While I love the benefits, I think I will only buy this product when its on sale!

I’m working on saving money and getting out of debt (again) so while I love this mask, I will have to DIY it or only purchase it when there’s a sale going on. Henna Sooq does sales year round so that’s a good thing. Plus, as of the writing of this review, Thanksgiving is coming and word on the street (or directly from Kadijah LOL) is there will be a huge Black Friday Sale.

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Have you ever used the Cassia Curls Moisture Mask?
If so, drop a comment below sharing your experience.

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