The Detangling “Rule” of Thumb for Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on August 1st, 2022 at 11:45 am

When it comes to detangling fine natural hair, careful is an understatement. Follow the simple detangling tip for fine hair you are about to read if you want to prevent excess hair breakage (because there’s always going to be some)

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Benefits of This Detangling Tip for Fine Hair

Before we go into detail on the detangling tip I’m about to share with you, let’s first look at reasons you will want to detangle in this manner.

I. Reduce Breakage

The obvious first reason you want to use the detangling tip you’ll read below is to reduce breakage.

When you detangle fine hair a certain way, you can certainly retain more length. This is because you won’t be ripping at your strands to remove the tangles.

II. Save Time

When you follow the detangling tip for fine hair below, you will save yourself a bunch of time. The way. most people detangle, they end up going over the same section of hair again and again because they keep re-tangling their hair.

Detangling in the manner that I recommend will make it so that you detangle a section thorough one time so you can move on.

III. Get All Shed Hairs

The third reason for detangling the way I discuss below is, this method maximizes your efficiency so that all shed hairs are captured.

If you only finger detangle, you won’t get all of the shed hairs.

So, that brings me to THE detangling rule of thumb, aka the tip.

Finger Detangle FIRST But Not Only

Finger detangling is the most gentle way to detangle fine hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s fine relaxed hair or fine natural hair.

However, as mentioned above, it’s insufficient on its own. So, the next step is crucial.

When you are done finger detangling a section, immediately follow your fingers with a gentle detangling tool.

The key is to detangle with your fingers 90% of the way. Then, finish with resuming shed hairs, the other 10% of the way.

The detangling tools I recommend can be found in this article here: Best Detangling Tools for Fine Hair

No need for me to rewrite what or why. Please check that article out for the complete picture.

It may seem so simple but if it were that obvious, there wouldn’t be as many ladies complaining about how long it takes to detangle their hair.

Now, the detangling tip for fine hair I just shared with you is just the final step in detangling. You want to make you first set the stage with these steps to detangling effectively:

  • Work in sections
  • Use a product containing a lot of sleep
  • Never work on dry hair

Then, it’s fingers first; Detangling tool, second.

Try it if you haven’t already. It’s truly the most effective way to detangle fine hair so that there’s less breakage. There will always be some. That’s just how it is.

The goal is to mitigate breakage. The second goal is to save yourself some time.

detangling tip for fine hair

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