HAIR MAINTENANCE: Keep Edges Healthy

Last updated on March 20th, 2023 at 10:15 pm

How to Grow Healthy Edges

Often times when aiming to keep our hair healthy, we focus on the following things:

  • Preventing breakage on the ends
  • Stimulating growth from the scalp
  • Making sure we properly moisturize
  • Deep conditioning
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These are definitely areas to be concerned with if we are going to keep and protect our fine strands. Yet, there’s a very often overlooked area of concern that can not only make or break a hairstyle, its the part of your hair that you should also be fervent about protecting.

Your edges!

The hair around the edges of your hair line is delicate and often fragile. While you should be cleansing, moisturizing and deep conditioning that area of your hair like the rest there’s additional measures to take so that your edges healthy and thriving.

That is why this post will be not only share what you should do to maintain healthy edges. You will also find tips on what not to do. Plus, if you’re diligent you’ll discover how to grow in thinning edges by following each of these tips as well.

Let’s get started.

Grow healthy edges by reducing friction

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Any constant rubbing against your edges can rub those hairs right out of your head.

By reducing friction on your edges, you’ll being protecting those baby fine hairs.

So Don’t:

  • Scrub your edges too roughly when washing your hair
  • Over smooth your edges when molding into a hair style
  • Brush your edges with a hair brush
  • Pull your edges tightly

Prevent product build up

If you are someone who likes to smooth your edges down regularly with edge control products like gels and pomades, you’ll want to make sure you do just one thing at the end of your day.

Rinse your edges free of all product

Unless you don’t intend to add more edge control the following day, rinse those products free from your edges so that those hairs can breathe. This is an important step to grow healthy edges.

Nourish your edges to bring them back to health

diy edge taming

If you find that your edges have thinned or are not as full as you would like, there are some things that you can do to bring them back to health.

These tips for how to grow edges back naturally are simple. They may not seem like a lot but with consistency, you will see results. Try these three tips for

  • Gently massage your edges with castor oil 4x per week
  • Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil and/or peppermint oil to the castor oil and gently massage
  • Before applying gel, apply a healthy hair butter (or your castor oil mixture) to your edges

To Grow Healthy Edges, Leave them alone when styling

how to grow healthy edges

Once you have reduced unnecessary friction and strategically nourished your hair with periodic gentle massaging, the last course of action is to simply leave your edges alone.

Yes, sleek edges can make a hairstyle look more polished but is it really necessary for your edges to be sleek every-single-day?

If your edges are thin or breaking, the best course of action when styling is to just let them be.

Just like reducing manipulation throughout the rest of your hair helps to maintain length, the same is true for your edges.

So allow your edges to naturally fall where they may.

These tips on how to grow healthy edges, while written with fine natural hair in mind, can be applied to any hair type and texture.

how to grow healthy edges

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  1. Edris Thompson says:

    Hi Michelle thanks so much for your winter care I will follow-up I have been using Ominira Naturals sine April until now but I still find my hair dry I do not know what to do I have low perosity fine hair how di I dye my grey hair with Henna and which Henna I should use I don’t like the red i like it to black when i am finish thank you so much for your help

    1. Hi, I have low porosity hair as well. Do you clarify your hair? You may need to do so once a month if you use products that could cause build up on your hair.
      Also, when you use Ominira’s deep conditioner, do you then rinse with cool water or apply a cold leave in conditioner followed by sealing with an oil to seal in the moisture?

      True hydration of the hair happens on wash day. Simply applying a moisturizer to the outside of the hair isn’t effective for those of us with low porosity hair.

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