Get the Look: Banana Clipped Up-Do Protective Style

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Last week I shared the loose two strand twists protective style. Normally, I don’t keep a protective style in for very long but it took me nearly 3 hours to twist my hair so I’m skipping this week’s wash and going straight for styling! But there was a problem…

I anticipated being able to keep the loose two strand twists in for 2 weeks. It didn’t happen. My fine hair began to tangle and loc up in the back so I remove them and re-did them larger so I could get that extra week of protective styling out of this hair!.

loose two strand twists

The banana clip is a very useful tool in the arsenal of hair accessories because it can be used to create a number of protective styles.

In keeping these loose two strand twists in, converting them to a protective style is a cinch with the banana clip.

Protective Style: Banana Clip Up-do

twists updo with banana clip
One of my older twist styles using the banana clip

How to Create an Up-do with The Banana Clip

Tools/Accessories Needed: Banana clip, bobby pins

1- Gather your twists up into a high ponytail with one hand. (Optional: Separate the twists to create a part before gathering the hair up)

2- Secure banana clip with opposite hand.

banana clipped ponytail

3- Check that banana clip is not pulling on any hairs. If it is, release, adjust and re-clip

4- Splitting the twists down the center in the banana clip, roll one 1/2 of the twists toward the left and pin.

banana clip split in two

5- Repeat pinning the other 1/2 of the twists on the right.

banana clip protective style

Products Used:

To redo the twists I used:

– Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner

– Camille Rose Naturals Fresh Curls

– Homemade Whipped Mango Butter with Lemongrass Essential Oil

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