30 Hair Accessories for Fine Hair

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accessories for fine hair

There are a great deal of hair accessories available on the market. Below you will find 30 of the best hair accessories for fine hair and curly hair. They meet the qualification of gentle but they are also either cute OR simply useful.

Fine hair is the most fragile of hair types. So, when styling it you want to use close to the most perfect hair accessories. These hair accessories may be used by those with thick hair but what’s most important is that they are gentle. Gentle is what makes these accessories the perfect option.

How to Choose the Right Hair Accessory

Depending on what type of hairstyle you are doing, you’ll want to use a hair accessory for all day hold. Also, if you have fine thin hair that shows large gaps in the parted areas, you want to use hair accessories that hide those gaps.

Without further ado, here are the hair accessories that I’ve found to work well for those with fine hair and silky hair that has difficulty being held in place.

You can find most if not all of these hair accessories on Amazon. Each accessory is grouped by type or category and the images are clickable to the product page.

Some of these I personally own. Others, I’ve scrutinized to determine if their design will be good for fine hair or not.

Hair Barrettes for Fine Hair

hair accessories for fine natural hair
Loose Twists Secured with Flex Barrette

1. Goody Flex Barrettes

These are my all time favorite. In my opinion, no other hair barrette rivals them for comfort and hold. They are amazing quality next level hair barrettes. What I love about these barrettes are how they can hold the hair in place without putting too much stress on your strands. I’ve been using them for many years.

However, while the Goody Flex Barrette is great for every day use, you may want something a bit more fancy for those nights out when you want to look a little more polished.

2. French Barrette

This beautiful French hair barrette is made with cellulose acetate and closes with a non-metal, plastic clasp that securely holds hair in place without the risk of breaking your hair. It’s made in a unique shape and comes in an onyx or tortoise shell color.

3 & 4. Other French Barrette’s

Here’s two more French barrette’s that are super cute and friendly to fine hair:

5. Spin Pins

Another Goody product that I was first a little suspect of but now I’m a believer in, is the Goody Spin Pin.

I initially thought these would get caught in my hair but they don’t! They spin right into place to hold a bun or twist and then spin right out. I love these.

Ponytail Holders for Fine Hair

Moving right along to some more accessories that work for every day use, these ponytail holders work well for fine hair because they do not contain metal clasps or seams which would otherwise snag or break the hair.

6. Seamless elastic bands

fine hair accessories
Banded Ponytails

You can use these to create sleek ponytails, buns and protective styles.

7. Silk Scrunchies

For a softer hold, these silk scrunchies are my favorite:

silk hair scrunchies for fine hair
silk scrunchie

These are from Ominira Naturals but you can find quality silk scrunchies (or satin…I prefer silk) just about anywhere. Here’s a high quality satin option.

8. Satin Scrunchies

Best Claw Clips for Fine Hair

Having a hair claw clip (also called jaw clip) in different sizes helps you build a diverse arsenal of hair accessories. Hair claws are the perfect addition to help you style your hair.

You can find small claw clips, medium sized and large. For fine hair, small and medium clips with a nice smooth finish are sufficient.

Here are the best hair clips I recommend. They have a beautiful matte finish and each have a powerful metal spring.

9. Medium/Large Claw Clips

10. Assorted Shape Claw Clips

Here is another set of cute claw clips that will gently hold fine hair:

11. Small Claw Clips

12. Fabric Wrapped Claw Clip

This is likely my favorite claw clip for fine hair. It’s so elegant and pretty.

13. & 14. Alligator Clips

While most of these are not used for actual hairstyles, the good news is depending on the design and if you are just looking to hold long hair up in the back, these clips are the perfect fit for those with fine hair.

Here are two variations (one for styling, one for sectioning):

Butterfly Clips and Clamps for Fine Hair

There are butterfly clips and butterfly clamps. The clips are for styling your hair and the clamps are used to separate the hair when conditioning or working on styles where you hair needs to stay sectioned.They are more to assist you with your hair care and not the actual adorning of your hair.

An example would be if you are applying products to your hair in sections for a wash and go. Another example would be if you are doing braids or twists. You want to keep sections of hair that you aren’t actively working on clipped up and out of the way.

These clips and clamps are of a high quality and they come in an array of different colors. They work well for finer hair because they provide extra grip so your sections don’t come undone.

15. Butterfly Clips

16. Butterfly Clamps

Hair clips with that claw like design are widely used for quick and easy hairstyles where you put your hair up in a bun or hair roll. The large ones have slip grip technology just like the Goody Flex Barrettes.

Best Hair Elastics for Fine Hair

Elastics are likely the most widely used hair accessory (next to good ole bobby pins) and often receive a bad wrap.

17. Goody Ouchless

These Ouchless (Goody again!) elastics can be used to secure the root or ends of your hair without damage. They easily pop out when you’re ready to remove them.

That’s because if you aren’t careful putting them in or taking them out, you can break your hair. Also, if the elastic is too thin, it can break the hair. Still, elastics are a great choice if you want a strong hold for certain hair styles.

TIP: to keep them from breaking your hair, coat them with an oil.

18. Snap Elastics

Another hair elastic that’s really friendly to fine hair (no stress on the strands) is this wrap around elastic with hair snaps on the ends.

hair accessories for fine hair

It was originally created by Swirly Curly (the original Snappee Curly Hair Ties) but I guess that patent is up. You can find knock offs that are just as good. Like this one:

19. Spiral Hair Elastics

Yet, another hair elastic that surprised me is this spiral elastic that resembles the old school telephone wires:

I thought my fine hair would get caught in these but they don’t. Because of the plastic texture, they are actually easy to remove even if hairs do coil around it.

20. The Old School Banana Clip

fine hair approved accessories
Secured with the banana clip

There’s a reason the banana clip (the old school design) has lasted over the years. They work so well at holding fine hair – all hair really. Not a single hair will be out of place. The snap clip feature makes it so your hair is held in place all day.

Even if you have silky hair, the old school banana clip will work well at securing your hair.

Related: Banana Clip Styling Tips & Tricks

These cute hair clips from Scunchi look just like the ones made when I was a kid. They hold your hair very well too. I don’t care for the newer model or the fishtail type design. They don’t secure the hair as well and they have metal pieces in them.

21. Puff Cuff

A variation of the banana clip is the Puff Cuff Hair Clamp. The creators of the Puff Cuff are very clear to let you know that this is not a banana clip and I concur.

It does not hold the hair as taut as the banana clip. However, if you want to do a puff or secure curls back loosely on fine natural hair, the Puff Cuff will do it for you.

I own every size of the Puff Cuff and they work double duty to keep your hair in place without adding stress on your strands.

hair accessories for fine hair

Best Hair Combs for Fine Hair

If you’re looking for simple hair combs to hold your fine hair in place, check out the following.

22. Staggered Teeth Hair Combs

These side hair combs were designed especially for fine hair. Notice how the teeth stagger. This is for more grip but they are plastic so won’t cause any harm to the hair. They can be used to sweep your hair up very subtly for a simple look.

23. Good Hair Days The Original Grip – Tuth Combs

Made for grippin’ hair, these hair combs are a necessary hair accessory for those with fine hair. They are also handcrafted in the USA – a rare thing

24. Hair Forks

Then, here’s another cellulose acetate made accessory:

Best Hair Clips for Fine Hair

This circle hair clip has a clasp that’s covered with rubber to protect fine hair from breakage. For those with very thin and fine hair, I’d twist the section you want to clip first. This will help the section to be “thicker.”

25. Circle Hair Clip

26. Mia Snip Snaps

Another every day hair clip and by far my favorite, is this material covered snap clip is from Mia Snip Snaps. It makes an otherwise plain metal contour clip much more gentle on your strands:

Fine Hair Accessories for Special Occasions

Not your every day hair accessories, these are super cute and look great in fine hair if you are attending a special occasion like a wedding or upscale party.

Below you’ll find decorative hair combs, hair pins, side combs, and another fancy French barrette to secure your hair.

27. Glitter Hair Combs

Here are some decorative hair combs and clips great for creating French twists:

Typical decorative hair combs are made of metal. I find these to be shocking to the scalp. These are better for fine hair because they aren’t made of metal and they still have the decorative piece on the edge without the enhanced risk of damaging hair.

28. Wedding Hair Pins

And, how about these cute hair pins. They are perfect for weddings and formal events. Yes, they are metal but not hugely so. They are basically like regular bobby pins but with beautiful added detail. Plus the rose gold color really fancies them up:

29. Pearl Bridal Hair Pins

Here is another set that’s great for formal occasions:

30. Fancy Duckbill Clips with Rhinestones

These beaded clips are pretty for special occasions and because they are predominantly plastic and not metal, the risk of causing damage to your hair is very minimal.

What I Didn’t Share

I was going to share some variations of a hair stick but in my opinion, they just appear too dated. The plastic versions aren’t really good for special occasions. The metal ones are much more formal looking but I just don’t think they are that attractive. If you are looking for hair sticks, you’ll find a number of them here.

Hair sticks just aren’t my cup of tea!

All Hair Accessories in One Place

When you have the right hair accessories for your fine hair, you’ll be adding just the perfect finishing touch for your styles.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can order most of these hair accessories with free shipping and get them in one to two days.

Here’s a link to where you can find each of these hair accessories listed in my Amazon Shop under “Hair Accessories and Tools.”

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