5 Things to Avoid if You Have Fine Hair

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 10:02 pm

There are more than a few things that can wreck your hair if it’s fine. These are the things that all ladies with fine hair should be aware of. Below you’ll find the top five enemies to fine hair.

enemies to fine hair

Regardless of the reason your hair is fine, you want to protect it like it were your child. That is if you want your hair to be healthy and look it’s best. That starts by avoiding whatever can wreak havoc to your fine strands.

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Direct Heat Styling

heat styling tools

The first thing you need to avoid if you have fine hair is styling with direct heat. This may be obvious but you will be surprised how often those with fine hair put a flat iron or or other heat appliance to their hair.

Because fine hair lacks the structural integrity of thicker strands, using direct heat on this hair type can cause serious damage. Fine hair typically is lacking the innermost layer of other hair types, the medulla.

While the actual purpose of the medulla is unknown, it does serve to provide the hair shaft with a bit more “bulk.” Without the medulla, it’s quite easy for direct heat from an appliance to cause damage.

The exception is a blow dryer. That’s because you can control the amount of heat that comes from blow dryers. That heat moves up and down the hair shaft and isn’t concentrated in one spot.

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You still need to be careful when using a blow dryer (and not use it too often) but it’s not the biggest of enemies to fine hair because it doesn’t come into direct contact with your hair.

Hair Brushes

enemies to fine hair

The second enemy to fine hair that you should avoid is hair brushes.

Now, not all hair brushes are created equal. You can safely use a detangling brush if you are careful. A hair brush like the E-Z Detangler gives with the hair. Of course, you still need to use it with a conditioner containing a good amount of slip. You also need to work with small sections of hair when detangling.

Other hair brushes containing bristles should be avoided.

Fine hair is so delicate that pulling a brush containing bristles through your hair can rip your fine strands right out. Trust me. I’ve been there and done that.


If you have fine hair (especially when wearing it out) and it comes in contact with jewelry, the results could be less than desirable.

Fine hair can be easily broken when caught in the clasp of a necklace. Rings and earrings can cause the same issues, making them one of the biggest enemies to fine hair.

So, when wearing jewelry consider wearing your hair up and out of the way to protect it from getting “caught up” and ripped out.

Elastic Bands

Elastics can damage any hair type but especially fine hair. Specifically, thin elastic bands and those with seams.

If you like to secure your hair with elastic bands consider using thicker ones that are seamless like these here:

Alternatively, you can secure your hair with a tool like the Puff Cuff or a bungee type elastic with the little hooks on the ends. These are much gentler to your strands.

Permanent Hair Color Much Lighter Than Your Own

Last, but certainly not the least of enemies to fine hair, permanent hair color can cause irreparable damage to fine hair.

Permanent hair coloring contains some heavy duty chemicals. When you choose to color your hair (stripping it of its natural color), by lifting it more than two shades from your natural color, damaged hair is the result.

For example, let’s say you have black hair. Then, you dye it blonde. Your hair is now damaged. No amount of deep conditioning will change the state of your hair. It will simply have to grow or be cut out.

I did this many years ago at a salon where they honestly didn’t care about the health of the hair. I deep conditioned and moisturized and used protein treatments afterwards. Yet, my hair would not respond. It went from healthy to damaged and no amount of hair treatments would help.

evils to fine hair
Damaged hair from permanent hair color

In the video below, I share more on the evils to fine hair. Watch that. Especially, if you scanned this article because you were too lazy to read LOL!

YouTube video
things to avoid if you have fine hair

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