Water Waving: Fine Natural Hair

Last updated on August 25th, 2020 at 04:35 pm

The process of water waving natural hair isn’t a new one. Actually, I never knew it was a thing you do that had a name. It is however, a really gentle way of using water to bring out the beauty of your natural waves. Of course, this will only work on unprocessed hair. Otherwise known as, natural hair.

water waving fine natural hair

I was watching a video by 22nd Century Natural Woman sharing how to transform frizzy natural hair by water waving when I realized, “Hey I do that!”

Now, in her video she just uses her hand to cup water into her hair. I prefer to use a slightly neater method of using water from a spray bottle!

Check out both techniques:

Natural Hair: Transforming Frizzy Hair in Minutes by Using This Technique


As can you see from the video, the 22nd Century Natural Woman (gotta love the name) has waves upon waves. And, all she uses is water.

This seems like a “special” technique but it really is not. Now, take a look at how I do it using a water bottle for neater application.

Water Waving Fine Natural Hair with a Spray Bottle

YouTube video

Now, my natural hair is not even a fraction of the amount of hair that 22nd Century Natural Woman has. At least, not yet but oh some day! (Side bar: She has a line of hair products too)

Yet, you can see that this technique can be done on basically any hair length. I think you can even do it on any hair texture. Also, coarser textures may need a holding product like gel but the results can be the same.

By the way, if you are interested in the 360 degree sprayer that I used in the video you can find it on Amazon:

So, after watching these two videos, have you realized that you also do water waving?

Did you know this had a name?

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  1. I didn’t know it had a name at all. I use leave-in conditioner to “water wave”.

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