Using Rajasthani Henna on My Crown and Glory

Last updated on August 4th, 2020 at 06:48 pm

This past weekend, I tried a new brand of henna. Normally, I use either Henna for African Hair by Celebration Sunrise or Jamila that I get from but I decided to try Rajasthani Henna for Hair this time around.

Finding it difficult to curb product junkyism, I scooped up this natural brand henna that I first discovered over at Ayur Natural Beauty. They carry a number of herbal treatments and their prices are among the best I’ve seen online. (Update: I now get Organic Rajasthani Henna from Henna Sooq)

rajasthani henna
photo credit: Ayur Natural Beauty

Forgot to take a pic of my package before throwing it out

I only purchased 100 grams because I wanted to make sure I liked it before investing in more.

Cutting right to the punch, can I just say I just LOVE this henna! The sift is super fine (no trouble rinsing out). It was gentle on my scalp (heyyyy finally!) AAAAAND (with attitude) my hair was left super soft. I will definitely be purchasing Rajasthani henna for hair A-gain!

A Word on Good Quality Henna

If you’re unaware of what makes henna a good quality for staining and strengthening your hair, keep these in mind:

* The henna should be Body Art Quality (BAQ). Run like the wind if it says Henna hair coloring or something of the link. Henna is not a hair coloring. It is an herb with the ability to deposit color onto your hair.

* The henna should have a pretty high lawsone (dye) content. The Rajasthani henna is a wopping 2.9%. The Henna for African Hair is 2.2%. Jamila has been slipping. It was as low as 1.19%

* Should be free of pesticides or other contaminants.

* Should have a super fine sift and sealed in air tight bags. If the sift isn’t very fine, you’ll be pissed because you’ll have to rinse your hair for an hour to get it out.

For a super easy but comprehensive read, check out the The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Henna on Natural Hair

Experiences with Rajasthani Henna for Hair

So, I’ve been using this henna for about 5 months and have noticed an increase in my hair’s shine and an improvement in my hair’s texture. I took my time with this new henna and here are the results:

Hair is growing

hair length


freshly hennaed hair
Still trying to perfect the twist out

Why I Do What I Do

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to share why I do all the things that I do to my hair. Hopefully, it will enlighten someone.

My reasons is actually only A Reason.  Your hair is your crown and glory. God blessed you with a body and you should take care of it to the best of your ability.

I have not only been paying attention to my hair with the fierceness. I’ve started a new healthy eating, exercise and spiritual way of living. It is my goal to be a well rounded person by honoring God with my entire being.

Choosing to use natural herbs like rajashthani henna in my natural hair is just one way I’m choosing to honor my “crown.”

Will you join me?

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  1. Great post! Would like to use for the strength and also for some greys starting to creep in around my temples but super worried about that weird red that I’ve seen on some of the “grey haired” . Do you mix with Indigo? What ratio? This is a great info heavy site so you’ve probably answered somewhere already so apologies and gratitude upfront. Thanks!!

    1. You can mix with indigo but I honestly don’t love the consistency of indigo so I rarely use it. You can do the 2nd step method of first doing henna and then apply mixture of indigo after. let it sit on your hair for about an hour. You don’t have to let indigo sit after mixing like with henna. Just apply right away

  2. Lillian Mae says:


    I have some Jamila Henna at home that I can’t wait to try. What’s in your henna mix?

    1. Hey, I add a little honey (about 2 tablespoons to it) once the henna has sat over night. I mix with water. I find that my skin is too sensitive to use tea or juice.

      If I want to do a henna gloss, I add 1/2 cup of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and 1/2 cup of Lustrasilk Mango Butter Cholesterol to the henna just before I’m about to put it in.

  3. I’m joining you! Our temple needs to be well maintained, so I’m fully in agreement.

    Still looking for a day to set aside to do the henna thing. You encourage me mightily!

  4. Your hair looks great! I had no idea that Ayur Beauty sold Rajasthani. Their prices are the best so I need to re-order mine from their for sure.

    As for the spiritual journey, I’m with. I have been in search for awhile for answers on many things and I just want to be at peace. A calm where I am honoring God as well.

    Great Post!!!

    1. Thanks girl. I was very pleasantly surprised. I think the price is around the same at mehandi. I’m going to buy it from them next though because the one from Ayur doesn’t say what the dye content is and the one from mehandi does. I assumed it was the same for both but you can’t really know.

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