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Herbs are a part of God’s great collection of goodies that are beneficial for so much. When first starting out using herbs in your hair care routine, keep it simple. Henna and Amla are two herbs you can effectively use in a simple manner.

amla and henna herbs for hair care

Medications, while composed of chemicals are also herbal in nature. Many drugs contain natural components to them.

It’s no surprise how much herbs can do for the human body and that includes our hair.

Caution When Using Henna and Amla

A word of caution: Before we look at the benefits of both Henna and Amla, it’s important to point out that when choosing a deep conditioner to boost, use one that is either free of protein or is balanced with more moisture than strength.

Amla to Pre-Poo

Starting with your pre-poo, Amla can be used to create a pre-wash to support your hair by mixing it with natural oils. Here’s a simple recipe that will add shine and manageability to your hair:

  • 3/4 cup of Amla
  • 2 tbspn of a natural oil or an oil mix (coconut/olive/grapeseed are all great)
  • 1/4 cup aloe Vera juice
  • water to bring your pre-poo to the desired consistency

Then, just work the Amla pre-poo evenly throughout your hair until every strand is coated.

Leave your pre-poo in anywhere from 30 minutes to over night. Just be sure if you choose to keep it in over night, you protect your sheets. Covering your hair for this length of time will create a sort of greenhouse effect.

I like to leave my pre-poo in for an hour. This gives my hair plenty of time to absorb the nutrients from the Amla. Plus, I’m a bit averse to leaving treatments over night as it does not make for a pleasant sleeping experience.

henna and amla

Henna to Boost Your Deep Conditioner

While using a full strength henna can be life changing for your hair (especially if your hair is weak and fragile), for many the full strength treatment is overwhelming due to the time commitment to complete the process.

That’s where a henna gloss comes in. You won’t receive the full benefits of using henna like you would if you did a full strength treatment but you do receive some benefit and it’s not a long process.

When you reach the point in your hair care routine when it’s time to deep condition, just add 1-2 tablespoons of henna and you will boost that conditioner ten fold. OK I made up that amount but let’s just say the henna can turn even the most useless of conditioners into a gem.

After adding the henna to your deep conditioner, allow it to sit for at least an hour (or over night). This will give the henna time to release it’s goodness into the deep conditioner.

Once the allotted time has passed, apply your deep conditioner as you normally would and be ready for the transformation.

Herbs for hair care are potent. Henna and Amla go well together in your hair regimen giving birth to healthy curls that pop.

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