HERBS FOR HAIR CARE: Aloe Vera and Hibiscus

Last updated on July 24th, 2020 at 06:29 pm

Aloe Vera and hibiscus herbs for hair care

Adding simple herbs to your deep conditioner can help your hair to thrive. When using herbs for hair care, you don’t want to overwhelm your products with tons of herbs. Just 1 or 2 herbs will suffice. Plus, you are better able to see what herbs work best in your hair when you don’t use too many at once.

In the last post we examined how adding Amla and Henna to your regimen can be beneficial. Today we’ll look at the herbs, Aloe Vera and Hibiscus.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe vera is not only great for the hair. It’s also great for the scalp. That’s because it contains enzymes that help heal damaged cells and sooth an itchy scalp.

Aloe vera is very moisturizing therefore it helps your hair to retain length. A natural conditioner, Aloe vera is rich in nutrients that have been proven to grow healthy hair.

Hibiscus Benefits

Hibiscus is a warm climate plant that offers a number of benefits for your hair. Rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Amino Acids (the building blocks of protein) and Vitamin C, Hibiscus helps to boost collagen and stimulate circulation in your hair and scalp. When your hair has a sufficient amount of collagen, it maintains strength and health.

Using hibiscus in your hair will also help to improve its manageability and elasticity while adding shine. Score!

Like Aloe Vera, Hibiscus has the ability to promote hair growth and manage a dry, itchy scalp.

Lastly, Hibiscus also adds a nice reddish glow to your hair….like henna. Only, it’s temporary.

Adding Aloe Vera + Hibiscus to Your Hair Routine

Combine Aloe Vera and hibiscus powders together in your deep conditioner and you will boost your conditioner’s efficiency to moisturize and strengthen your hair.

Another way to use Aloe Vera and Hibiscus is to create DIY hair oils with them.

Fresh or dried Hibiscus flowers and or leaves can be crushed and allowed to marinate in coconut oil.

Aloe Vera gel can also be combined with coconut oil plus an essential oil(s) of your liking.

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils which is why coconut oil is a great natural resource. Alternatively, if you’re one of those who don’t care for using coconut oil, you can use olive oil in any DIY herbal recipe interchangeably.

If you’re just starting out using herbs in your hair care routine, start by using just a tablespoon of one or the other. Based on the benefits you are looking to achieve, be consistent with using the same herbs until you see results.

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