Jamaican Black Castor Oil: 7 Amazing Hair Care Uses

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As of this writing, it’s going on 8 years since my hair has been natural. Although the time seems to fly by, it’s taken me a good part of that time to figure out how to care for this mane of mine. Countless YouTube videos and reading of hair care articles later, I discovered a number of Jamaican Black Castor Oil Uses that my hair and scalp have benefited from.

jamaican black castor oil uses
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About 3 years ago I signed up for my first natural hair challenge. It was an oil challenge on Facebook where you had to use castor oil in your hair regimen daily for 30 days.

I found myself in a Manhattan beauty supply store where I was introduced to Jamaican Black Castor Oil aka JBCO. I was in search of the best brand of castor oil,

Intrigued to differentiate castor oil vs Jamaican Black Castor Oil, I learned that regular Castor Oil is clear in color and Jamaican Black Castor Oil is dark brown, has a burnt like smell and is much thicker in consistency. The obvious differences in characteristics made me wonder if there was also a difference in performance. I began to do a little more research.

A History of JBCO

Jamaican Black Castor oil has been in use medicinally for years. It’s an age old remedy for ailments including aching muscles, constipation, skin conditions and most popular as of late – hair care & growth.

There are various brands of JBCO and not all brands are the same. The purity and potency of the oil is determined by how it’s processed.

Top quality JBCO is made from seeds that have been roasted, grounded and finally boiled, so that the oil can be extracted. The two most popular manufacturers of high quality Jamaican Black Castor Oil are Tropic Isle Living and Sunny Isle.

JBCO products have evolved over the years. It’s now available with Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil or Rosemary Oil. Your goals for using the oil will determine which of these blends of Jamaican Black Castor Oil will suit your needs.

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For my personal hair care goals, I stick with using the regular JBCO. That’s just a personal preference as I don’t require the additional oils in my hair regimen.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Uses

Over the years I’ve found that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is very beneficial for your hair and scalp. It has a number of uses.

Below are 7 ways you can use JBCO for hair care:

I. For thicker hair

thicker natural hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil can aid you in growing thicker hair when you massage it into your scalp daily.

II. For nourishing and protecting the scalp

The rich thickness of Jamaican Black Castor Oil provides a barrier for your scalp and can help protect it from potentially irritating hair products and other external irritants.

III. To seal in moisture

You can use JBCO to seal in moisture after washing and conditioning your hair or after spritzing it daily for moisture.

IV. To prevent split ends

Apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil specifically to the ends of dampened or dry hair to help prevent split ends.

V. To decrease tangling

This is especially helpful for fine hair like mine. Oil hair daily for much needed lubrication. Those fine hairs will be a little hard pressed to tangle.

VI. To prevent frizz and hair damage

Simple things like styling and over manipulation of your hair can cause damage to your hair’s cuticles. When used as a hot oil treatment, JBCO helps to greatly minimize frizz and damage. The lubricating effect helps the hair remain smooth and retain its moisture, resulting in less breakage.

VII. To refresh and neaten up mini-twists

This is one of my personal favorite uses for Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It is great for smoothing out your mini twists after they’ve been in for some time. JBCO helps extend their lifespan so you can rock them a little while longer.

mini twists on natural hair
Boxed Twists

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is truly a gem when it comes to hair care. It’s an amazing oil provided to us from nature.

You can purchase an array of Jamaican Black Castor Oil products here:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz. & Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 4oz.

*Statements have not been proven by the FDA. They are however statements that reflect my own opinion based on what I have experienced by using Jamaican Black Castor Oil in my hair care regimen.

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