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It’s already been established that low manipulation styling helps with length retention. For some naturals it’s also one of the most effective ways to prevent tangles.

Low manipulation styling is also a happy medium for maintaining length without having to hide your hair away all the time (protective styling).

how to prevent tangles

While you may not be manipulating your hair all the time, having it loose can still expose your hair to breakage. Not always the way you think though.

When you think of damage that can occur from having your hair out, typically the concern is the effect of your ends rubbing up against your clothing. Why does this matter?

If your ends are constantly rubbing against your clothing, it can easily become frayed, thereby interfering with you retaining desired length.

Yet, what’s being overlooked is the fact that your hair is also more prone to tangling when it’s hanging out and about.

But here’s the catch…

Some tangling can be totally prevented. How?

3 Ways to Prevent Tangles

Tangles (and some knots for that matter) can be prevented in several ways:

  1. Raising your hair up from your shoulders (not protective styling)
  2. Oiling your ends
  3. Securing your hair at the roots

How Raising Your Hair Up Prevents Tangles

ways to prevent tangling

Ends that are rubbing against your clothing begin to dry out. Add to that, dry strands will wrap around themselves and lead to, you guessed it: Tangles.

With the simple act of raising your hair up off your shoulders, you’ll help prevent dry hair and tangles.

That doesn’t mean put your hair up in a bun or other protective style. You can use a bobby pins, a scarf or other hair tool/accessory to pull your hair up.

How Oiling Prevents Tangling

oil to prevent tangling

When your hair is already moisturized, it’s in a prime state because dry hair is prone to breaking off. Add some oil to your strands and not only will your hair be hydrated, it will be lubricated.

Adding a bit of oil (lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your hair down) to your hair from mid-shaft down to your ends can prevent tangles because the oil allows for freer movement of your strands.

How Securing Your Roots Prevents Tangles

prevent tangling

Tangles can form in virtually any part of your hair: ends, mid shaft and roots.

Just because your ends are out in a low manipulation hairstyle doesn’t mean your hair can’t be tamed. By securing your roots with a hair tool like the banana clip or Puff Cuff Hair Clamp, you prevent your hair from tangling at the root.

Once your hair is detangled and styled, use one of the above mentioned hair accessories to keep your hair from moving around at the roots. You’ll cut down on tangles from forming in that area.

Low manipulation styling is indeed an effective means at helping you to retain length. That is if you prevent tangling which is highly likely to lead to breakage.

Try one of these ways to prevent tangles and as with everything, do it with consistency.

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