5 Ways to Reduce Split Ends

Last updated on January 17th, 2024 at 06:58 pm

There’s nothing worst than trying to reach your hair goals only to be thwarted by pesky split ends and single strand knots. So, in today’s post I’m sharing five ways to prevent or reduce split ends.

reduce split ends

Split ends (especially incomplete split ends) are usually the culprit behind many single strand knots (also called SSKs). So, these techniques I’m about to share are giving you a two for one benefit.

What Are Split Ends?

Before we get into ways to reduce the split ends in your hair, let’s take a look at what split ends actually are.

In its simplest definition, split ends occur when the hair shaft begins to fray and then separate. Splits can occur anywhere along the hair shaft. Here’s a photo depicting what a healthy strand of hair looks like and what different types of split ends look like:

split ends chart

As you can see, splits are not necessarily on the ends of the hair. Now, let’s look at some ways to keep these rascals in check.

Keep Hair Moisturized

Hair that has the proper amount of moisture is the first defense against split ends. When hair is dry it is most prone to breaking and therefore, splitting. So, keep your hair’s moisture levels balanced and the risk of getting split ends is greatly reduced.

Here is a helpful Guide to Moisturizing your Hair

Employ Oiling

You can greatly cut down on the frequency of split ends by oiling your hair at night (or every few nights). Concentrate heavy oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil on your ends to keep them smooth.

Applying oil allows for free movement of your strands so that they don’t get caught on surfaces. It works in tandem with keeping your hair moisturized.

Similar to oiling on a daily or multiple time per week basis, you can incorporate hot oil treatments into your hair care routine. Hot oil treatments also help to foster moisturized and lubricated hair.

Lastly, adding strengthening herbs to your hair oils can really help toward the fight of keeping split ends at bay.

Here’s how: How to Infuse Oils with Herbs

Ditch Heat Styling

This one is a given to reduce split ends. For one, using heat on your hair robs it of vital moisture. Heat styling with flat irons, blow dryers and the like can cause a lot of damage to your hair leading to split ends. Especially fine hair.

So, if you want to reduce split ends then avoid using heat to style your hair. At the very least, cut back on how often you do so.

Protective Style to Reduce Split Ends

Styling your hair in a manner that hides your ends away is good for more than just length retention. Although, if you get less split ends, you’ll retain more length.

A few ideas for effective protective styling include:

  • Pin curls
  • Twists wrapped in a bun or otherwise pinned up
  • Large braids
  • Buns

Ready to Challenge Yourself With Extended Protective Styling?

guide to protective styling

Check Out this Guide to Protective Styling…It provides you with all the tips needed to grow your hair longer with protective styles. You’ll discover:

– Types of protective styles to choose from
– How to choose
– How to set goals to actually refresh your hair
– How to care for your hair while in the style
– Motivational tips

Specialty Treatments

When all else fails, there are specialty products available on the market to help combat split ends. Nothing can actually “fix” split ends. Contrary to what many manufacturers of hair products would have you to believe. The most that can be done is a temporary repair of the hair strand.

the mane choice moisturizing products

The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage Repair Antidote Split End Treatment Serum is one such specialty treatment for treating split ends.

That’s a mouthful but it’s rich in beneficial ingredients like hydrolyzed keratin, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, nettle leaf, biotin, castor oil and more. This product was made for those with fragile hair. I’ve used it off and on for a few years now and it’s golden.

This treatment serum from the Mane Choice is one of a number of available products on the market for helping to reduce and prevent split ends.

In conclusion, getting split ends is actually a normal part of the wear and tear process of the life cycle of a hair. You can’t completely avoid them. Yet, with the techniques mentioned above, you can definitely reduce split ends.

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