10 Key Points About Fine Natural Hair Care

Last updated on August 2nd, 2020 at 11:24 pm

Fine natural hair care doesn’t have to be super complex. This article hones in on ten key things you can focus on.

about fine natural hair
  1. Your attitude toward your fine hair will determine how you handle your delicate tresses. No natural hair negativity please.
  2. A solid hair care regimen will determine if you have fine hair that breaks or flourishes. In other words, fine hair likes a good solid routine.
  3. Fine natural hair can be negatively affected by the environment (ex: sun, wind, excess cold). Keep this in mind when styling it.
  4. Simplifying the number of products used can greatly impact your hair and your finances. Less is more for fine hair. Therefore, leave that product junky behavior to those with heftier strands and wallets.
  5. You can lose inches on your fine hair when neglecting to embrace protein treatments (at least monthly but bi-weekly is even better). An alternative to protein treatments is the use of strengthening herbs in your hair care regimen. The queen bees of strengthening (and hair growing) herbs are Henna and Amla.
  6. Fine natural hair can have a density of low, moderate or high. Thus, it’s difficult to tell if the hair is actually fine, the higher the density.
  7. Even mild changes to your regimen can improve the health of fine natural hair. Sometimes all you need to is a bit of tweaking.
  8. Keeping manipulation to a minimum is best for fine hair. In other words, handle it less to preserve it.
  9. Keeping individual curls clumped but elongated helps them protect each other. You’ve heard the saying. There’s safety in numbers.
  10. Seek out help to understand your hair type. For instance Fine Natural Hair and Faith is a great source 🙂

If you want your fine hair to flourish then, hone in on these tip for fine natural hair care.

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