3 Top Ingredients to Mix Up Your Herbal DIYs

Mixing up your own herbal hair blends is a fun way to take control of your own hair care. Yet, there are so many combinations of herbs that can be mixed. Then, there are many bases for which you can combine them. To eliminate some of the overwhelm, I’m providing you with just three ingredients you can use to mix up your herbal DIYs. And honestly, these three are sufficient for all your mixtures.

mixing herbal hair blends

Tip for Mixing Up Herbal Hair Blends

When mixing up your hair masks, you want to make sure you eliminate clumps so your mixture is as smooth as possible.

In order to combine all of your herbs properly, you want to use a liquid that compliments and supports the herbs.

Below are three that accomplish both and you’ll find the benefits associated with each.

Distilled Water

distilled water

The first element you can use to mix up your herbal hair blends is distilled water.

Water is the first choice for most but it’s good to avoid regular tap water due to contaminants and certain minerals which can interact and affect the efficacy of the herbs.

This is why distilled water is best for mixing up your herbal hair care masks.

Aloe Vera Juice

aloe vera

Next up to mix with is Aloe Vera juice. I love using Aloe Vera juice to mix up my herbal hair masks because Aloe Vera has two key benefits for your hair including:

Coconut Milk

coconut milk to mix herbal hair blends

Using coconut milk for your herbal hair blends provides a nice balance of moisture and strength.

Coconut milk is rich in fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins that are so beneficial for your hair. It can balance out an itchy scalp and strengthen the hair.

Combine it with the herbs for your hair masks and you will be giving your hair a nice treat.

These three liquid ingredients are in no means the only ones that you can use to mix up your herbal hair blends. For example, there’s also Greek yogurt which can be combined with the distilled water for additional protein.

Check out this: DIY Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner shared on Naturallycurly.com

I just wanted to provide you with three. The fewer choices you have helps reduce overwhelm, making it more likely for you to stick with using herbs to care for your hair. Especially, for those who are new to DIYing.

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