NEW BEGINNINGS: Stimulating Hair Growth Internally

Last updated on August 20th, 2020 at 12:13 pm

Scalp massages and applying concoctions to your scalp. While both ways help with stimulating hair growth, the real game changer happens when you focus on eating for hair growth. Importantly, it comes from within.

healthy heating to promote hair growth
Henna infused strands

The quality of your nutritional intake will determine just how healthy your hair grows.

Sure, you may achieve some measure of hair growth eating and drinking fast depleted foods, soda pop and a diet of excess alcohol consumption but why stack the odds against yourself?

Stimulating hair growth internally is a much better course of action.

Not only will consuming unhealthy foods and drinks catch up with your health, your hair will eventually be affected.  Your body will do its best to regulate what parts get the most beneficial nutrients. Therefore, your heart, brain, and other vital organs will get what they need to survive first.

Your hair is not critical for you to live. Therefore, if you live a life where you neglect to eat foods that can sustain the health of your body, your hair will reflect that neglect.

The Importance of Healthy Nutrition

In order to eat well for hair growth, you need a balanced diet – good nutrition. Since most of what we eat has been depleted of the nutrients needed to keep our bodies running like well oiled machines, we need to supplement.

Eating for a Better Body AND Hair Growth

It’s not my goal to reinvent the wheel. So, I’m not going to write a lengthy piece of what supplements you should take and why.

Instead, I’ve accumulated a list of resources that you can go to in order to find all of that information


Other internal hair growth aids

eating for hair growth

Growing your hair by eating for hair growth to stimulate it internally, can also be aided by a few other things you can consume:

  • Herbal teas like: Bamboo tea, Green tea, Sage tea
  • Consuming herbs in your smoothies or added to foods like: Amla, Brahmi, Nettle Leaf, Silica

Focus on stimulating hair growth internally and you’ll get the best results. More importantly, those results will be more sustainable than any scalp massage you can do (not that those are bad).

This post is a part of the New Beginnings Hair Series.

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