Clever Steps to Wash Day Success

Last updated on September 27th, 2021 at 12:34 pm

Wash day is the day when you reset your hair and give it the attention it needs to thrive and be healthy. The habits to a successful wash day routine I’m about to share with you are personal for me but you can use what I do as guidance for building your own successful wash day routine.

successful wash day habit

If you’re more of a visual learner or observer, you’ll find a video below in which I go into each one of these habits to do on wash day to make it successful. The video provides much more detail as well.

For now, let’s start with the first thing I like to do to make wash day successful (these are habits that have been developed over the time, by the way)

I. Pre-Shampooing

Choosing to pre-shampoo or pre-poo your hair has a number of benefits:

  • Protects hair from damage that can occur during the cleansing process
  • Provides the hair with a bit of pre-conditioning before washing
  • Helps boost hair’s moisture
  • Makes detangling easier

For a successful wash day, the pre-poo is my first step.

II. Examining Each Strand

In order to be in touch with your hair, it’s important to examine it from time to time. Searching for damaged hairs is something I like to do every wash day.

If I come across knots or split ends, I snip them out in order to mitigate future damage.

In the video below, I discuss it in more detail.

III. Deep Conditioning

Choosing to use a deep conditioner in your hair may be a process that takes some time but it’s worth it. Deep conditioning helps reset your hair for the following week. It’s a major step to adding moisture to your hair.

Check out this article: Deep Condition is NOT a Scam

IV. Massaging the Scalp

Scalp massages can be a welcome addition to any hair care regimen. It’s a relaxing routine that stimulates blood flow in the scalp.

Here are some additional articles on scalp massages that provide more information:

Nightly Scalp Massage: Secret to a Stimulated Scalp

The Scalp Massage: Benefits and Tips for Fine Hair

V. Double End Sealing

Sealing my ends in a double fashion is one of the newer habits I’ve developed and now include to my routine on wash day.

How I seal varies with the hairstyle I’m doing as well as if I’m working on wet or dry hair.

For more info on my double sealing technique, check out this video: Canceling split ends

Successful Wash Day Best Practices – Video

Now that you’ve read a summary of the five things I do every wash day so that it’s the best wash day it can be, check out the video that goes into more detail:

These wash day practices are the foundation of my hair care routine. I’ve developed on them over time.

Check out these three wash day must do’s that I first started out with.

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