NEW BEGINNINGS: Try New Hairstyles

Last updated on October 27th, 2020 at 03:04 pm

trying new hairstyles

If you’ve just big chopped or got a new hair cut (or even a trim), one of the ways you can experience a new beginning with your hair is to try new hairstyles.

Don’t do anything crazy.

And, by crazy I mean trying to do hairstyles that you know good and well are no good for your hair – especially fine hair. It’s not worth it to stress your strands by putting a lot of manipulation into your hair for a style.

When trying new hairstyles that take into account your fragile strands. You only want to slightly variate from your styling norm.

Conversion Hairstyling

This way of trying new hairstyles is actually styling your hair in the way you normally would but then making that style appear different.

You’ll be trying new hairstyles but really creating new styles. I like to call this conversion styling.

The Converted Wash and Go

For example, say you only tend to style your hair in wash and go’s. You wear your hair out in its naturally curly state most of the time. How about converting that wash and go to a different hairstyle like a side “wash and go” ponytail? See what I did?

wash and go ponytail

You aren’t necessarily creating a brand new hairstyle. You’re just slightly changing up the way you’d normally choose to wear your hair, while sort of keeping it the same.

Protective styling > Low Manipulation Styling

Another way to do “new” hairstyles is to engage in styling your hair in a manner that’s even better for your hair. You will basically kick up your base style a notch.

Suppose you always rock low manipulation styles like twist outs, braid outs or again, wash and go’s. Consider switching up those low manipulation styles by making them protective and putting your textured hair into a bun.

wavy fine natural hair

Converted Twists

Another way I like to do this is with twists.

Typically, when I twist my hair I just twist and let the twists hang and frame my face. To make it “new”, I would take those twists and create a different looking style. Play it up with a cute hair accessory and you’ve really got a new hairstyle.

That’s what you see pictured below. Regular twists (in this case, rope twists) styled in a new way that also happens to make it more protective:

twists hairstyle

After a new cut, you’ll find that having those fresh ends will spark a new beginning – one that births a desire to change up your hairstyles a bit. Try new ways of styling your hair without really changing much at all. Conversion styling – safer for fine natural hair.

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