NEW BEGINNINGS: Trimming for Hair Growth

Last updated on November 13th, 2023 at 10:00 pm

moon trimming

Have you ever heard of new moon trimming?

I’m particularly careful about things that seem to be based in mysticism. I don’t know if trimming your hair according to the new moon holds tangible merit but after doing some research, here’s what I found…

What is New Moon Trimming

Should you New Moon Trim or Not?

Fine Natural Hair and Faith is a blog written to share ways to care for fine natural hair but also with a faith and trust in God.

After doing a bit more research I didn’t find a lot of information on if this “ritual” was against Christian principles or not but it does seem to be closely associated with astrology.

Astrology is an ancient belief system that a person’s destiny can be found in the pattern of the stars and planets at the time of one’s birth.

God is offended by astrology because it attributes to planets and stars the power that belongs to God.

It seems that trimming your hair for hair growth according to the new moon is also giving power to something that God in fact created.

The lines are blurry here so I’m not going to encourage anyone to follow a practice that gives the creation glory over the Creator.

Instead, let’s just discuss the importance of trimming in your hair regimen. How often you choose to trim your hair should be based on the health of your hair and when trimming is actually needed instead of allowing the moon to dictate the best time to trim your hair.


How Trimming Contributes to Hair Growth

Your hair grows from your scalp obviously. It stands to reason that if you are cutting off your ends, it’s going to affect your hair growth.

While trimming your hair doesn’t increase the rate of hair growth, it helps to neaten your ends so that damaged ends don’t affect heathy neighboring hairs that have ends in better condition.

If you aren’t regularly damaging your hair, you won’t need to trim as often. Trimming rids your hair of split, weathered ends. Regardless to if you damage your hair through particular hair practices, it will still get weathered.

Trimming is an integral part of hair care. You may choose to self trim for maintenance or get a professional trim for more precise results (ex: a reshape of your hair).

Tips for Self Trimming

Sometimes it’s best to trim your own hair. When left in the hands of others, getting your hair trimmed can be devastating.

Nobody will care for your hair the way you can. You can develop the skills to care for you hair because you are invested in it more than anyone else.

Methods you can follow to self trim include:

– Trimming on twists

– Trimming individual curl units after setting your hair with a gel for a wash and go. This is how those who follow the Curly Girl method verbatim do it. More details on this trimming method here.

– Straighten your hair and neaten up the ends

– Trim your hair dry so you don’t cut too much hair

– Always use sharp hair sheers (no house scissors!)

– Trim less than you think you need to. You an always trim more but you can never reclaim the hair you already cut

When to Get a Professional Trim

Getting a professional trim is something you may choose to do and I don’t discourage it. Just be sure you find someone reputable. It’s good to find a stylist by word of mouth.

You’ll likely want to get a professional trim done if any of the following applies:

– You’re too nervous to cut your own hair. In this case, it’s better to let someone else do it

– You want a specific shape

– You have lots of damage and don’t quite know where to begin.

Trimming or getting your hair trimmed is the basis for healthy hair growth. It rids you of damaged hair which can damage healthier hairs on your head.

When all of your hair is in good condition, it can grow in healthily and beautifully.

This post is a part of the New Beginnings Hair Series.

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