reboot your natural hair

The more time you spend with your hair (all your life, I hope), the more attention you’ll need to give it in order to keep it looking its best. In this article, I’ll show you an effective way to reboot your natural hair.

Periodically, you’ll need to restart or “re-boot” your natural hair journey so that you continue to grow healthy and thriving hair.

Sometimes hair care can be a series of daunting tasks. I’ve talked to many people who feel overwhelmed by it and they just don’t know where to begin.

In a series of posts I shared the steps that one could take to reboot their natural hair. The goal was to make the process more simple and relatable.

You’ll find the individual posts linked below. Take your time to digest the content before taking action. That’s the recommendation.

Often times, it’s easier to accomplish what seems to be a huge deal by taking it in bite sized pieces (the only way to eat an elephant right?).

6 Step Natural Hair Reboot Process:

1) Reboot Your Hair Products

In this post, I share how to deal with your hair care products. As the first step toward rebooting your natural hair toward greatness, this is most important.

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2) Clarify

Clarifying your hair is the first hands on step of the process of rebooting your natural hair. For example, think of it as prepping a canvas to create a wonderful piece of art. Resetting your scalp is also a part of this process. Then, you’ll move on to the next step.

An excellent video on Clarifying versus Detoxing Your Natural Hair:

YouTube video

3) Attention to Scalp Care

Since your hair grows from your scalp, it makes sense to give attention to this area when you’re looking to reboot your hair. The scalp is a huge place to focus as you would not have any hair without it.

When your scalp is clean and unobstructed with build up, that helps your natural hair oils to be distributed much easier.

While I’m not a fan of Devacurl products, I do particularly like their hair care techniques. In this article, they share how to easily exfoliate your scalp. It’s a great read that compliments what I share about attending to scalp care.

4) Deep Conditioning Natural Hair

Moisture is imparted in this part of hair care. Dry hair needs to be transformed. Therefore, deep conditioning is the ultimate first step to get moisture into your hair. In this post, you’ll find some recommended hair products. In the same vein, you’ll discover effective methods for deep conditioning your natural hair.

Check out this video on how a deep conditioner responds to two different natural hair types:

YouTube video

5) Reboot with a Trim

Trimming is not something to be done on a whim. You have to have the right hair shears or scissors. You also have to have at least a basic understanding of trimming if you plan to do it yourself. Otherwise, it’s best to have someone trim your hair who is a professional.

In this post, you’ll find information on the why, the how and the when of trimming your hair. That’s what this post goes into.

In other words, you’ll gain an understanding of every aspect of trimming your natural hair in this article.

These scissors are great for self trimming:

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6) Moisturize & Seal

First, keeping dry hair at bay is a major key to helping you to restart your hair.

Second, moisture will evaporate quickly if it’s not adequately sealed into your strands. Thus, moisturizing is a two step process.

You can’t do one without the other.

In conclusion, when you decide to restart or reboot your natural hair, you will go through a process. So, try following the above referenced steps and see if you don’t breathe new life into your God given crown.