Oil Therapy for Fine Natural Hair: Better Hair Health

Last updated on October 5th, 2022 at 08:05 pm

Oiling fine hair is a great way to reduce tangles and single strand knots. Oiling also imparts strength to the hair strands depending on which oil is use (For ex: Coconut oil helps to strengthen the inner integrity of their strand so that the protein and moisture balances are protected).


When it comes to fine natural hair, the key is to use oils that are light weight and quickly absorb into the hair and scalp. In the following video, I share my special DIY oil mix for strengthening, lubricating and stimulating hair growth.

YouTube video

In addition to the oils used in this video, here is a complete list of the oils I recommend for lubricating and strengthening fine natural hair (ex: pre-poo):

– Argan
– Avocado
– Almond
– Coconut
– Jojoba

For sealing the moisture into fine natural hair, I recommend these oils:

– Apricot
– Avocado
– Olive (only as a part of my DIY whipped mango butter – too heavy on its own)
– Grapeseed (same usage as Olive)
– Jojoba

These oils that I recommend for use in fine natural hair can be used in rotation and as part of an oil mix (like in my video) for oil therapy but also as a part of a DIY hair or body cream recipe. Natural oils are so much and contain so many benefits. Experiment to see what works best. It can be fun too!

Oiling your hair from daily to multiple times per work can make a huge difference in the strength and manageability of you strands.  I rarely ever get single strand knots and when I do, it’s no more than one.

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